Ultimately, you’ll have to use your fingers and look at the device’s screen to change the track of anything else. While doing so, you might lose your sight of the road and chances of amazing road trip converting to sad experience are increased. So better keep your eyes on the road and let Audio Swipe app do the managing task.

Audio Swipe for Android is a simple app that adds gestures to your device’s screen, which makes managing your music demands very easy while you are driving. The process of using the app is mentioned below, just have a look at it.

How to manage music on Android phone easily while driving:

Step #1. First of all, you’ll need to download and install the app called “Audio Swipe” from Google Play Store. The app is completely free and in addition, you do not need a rooted device to use it.

Step #2. After you have installed the app, you’ll need to give it few extra permissions if you are using Android Marshmallow or higher. In addition, the app will also give you a small tutorial of different gestures you’ll need to manage the music.

Step #3. Now there are two ways you can use Audio Swipe on your Android device. First is to use it as a Standard one music player or you can integrate with any music app installed on the device.

Step #4. To use it with your personal music player app, tap the Music icon at the top-right corner of Audio Swipe app.

Step #5. Now you need to tap on “Control Media Player”. Next is to select the Google Play Music app from the list. You can also select multiple apps at this step.

Step #6. Next step is to launch you Google Play Music app and you’ll see that the gestures you learned initially in Audio Swipe are also present in your music player.

That’s all folks! Have a safe ride while you play music from your Android device. If you come across any other innovative app like this, do let us know in comments.