It’s smart speakers all the way! The technology world is brimming with voice assistants; every brand wants to launch their own voice assistants to impress users. But a few like Google, Amazon, and Apple have succeeded to influence their users. It was a tough competition between Google and Amazon for their Home and Echo range of devices. But this time, Google seems to have edged out Amazon with its ability to make a to-do list with Google Home or Home Mini using IFTTT.

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To create a to-do list with Google Home, one has to rely on IFTTT (If This Then That) as Google Home doesn’t natively support to-do or task lists. Instead of using a shopping list, it is a better idea to use IFTTT to make a to-do list on your Google Home or Home Mini.

How to Make a to-do list with Google Home Using IFTTT

How to Make a to-do list with Google Home Using IFTTT

Step #1. First off, download IFTTT App on your device and create an account.

If you have got this app and account on your device, you have saved a few seconds!

Step #2. Next, you need to find a list of services designed for Google Assistant.

Step #3. Now, choose ‘Say a phrase with a text ingredient’ for the trigger.

Step #4. Then type in ‘Add $ to my schedules’ or something like that under ‘What do you want to say’.

Note that you can create a suitable trigger phrase to use; there’s no need to stick to the phrase I have used. However, make sure you have used $ sign in the place of the task you are going to add.

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Step #5. Now tap on Create trigger.

Step #6. Next, you can select any note taking or task manager service you are using; this may include Evernote, iOS Reminders, MeisterTask, Toodledo, and others.

Step #7. There can be some on-screen instructions for the service you have selected; you need to follow those instructions and then tap on ‘Create action’ button.

Step #8. Finally, give a suitable name to this applet and then hit ‘Finish’ button.

Now you can add task by speaking a command like, “Hey Google, add Go to the dentist to my tasks”, it will be added to your to-do list of choice.

That’s all friends!

While IFTTT allows you to create a to-do list, you cannot manage the list with this app. For this, you have to use a few great third-party apps like Todoist, List Master, My Checklist App, Task Now, Daily Schedule Tasker, Nozbe, and SmartTask.

You can interact with above apps by speaking a command: “OK Google, talk to Todoist” or “OK Google, launch List Master”. Before using the apps, you may need to link account in Google Home app with the apps. After linking the account, it will be a smooth sailing for you.

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