Apple’s iPhone is one of the most beautiful brand families that everyone is fond its most-advanced iOS. But, the biggest concern is the price. It indeed has lots of incredible features compare to another smartphone. Hence, some Android users are wondering “how to turn Android into an iPhone.” If you are one of them and want to make Android look like iOS 11, 10, 9 or 8 then, you will feel very happy to hear that you can make your Android phone look like an iPhone with some third-party apps and launcher.

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Well, you might be wondering is it really possible to install iOS on Android or turn Android to iPhone. Of course, that’s possible. Well, we all know that Android smartphone is best to customize themes and install custom ROMs. But, here you don’t need to install any custom ROM or root your device. You can easily do it with the help of certain apps that convert your Android phone into lookalike as an iOS. Let me guide you how to turn your Android into an iPhone.
How to Make Android Phone Look Like an iPhone

How to Make Android Phone Look Like iPhone or iOS 11, 10, 9 and 8

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To get started to convert Android into iOS, you just need to download and install best iOS launcher for Android phone from Google Play Store.

#1: One Launcher

One Launcher is one of the best launchers for the Android phone with the user-friendly interface. It can perfectly convert your Android into iOS type look. One of the good thing about this launcher is it doesn’t heat up your mobile phone or eat more of your Android storage. It is a simple, optimized launcher to give an iPhone like look and feel.

One Launcher Android AppKey Features:

  • Lots of themes, effects, and widgets.
  • Drag down search like iOS.
  • Long press on the app to edit and remove the app.
  • Overlap icon to make a folder of frequently used apps.

Just like One Launcher, you can also install Flui icon pack, xOS Launcher, iLauncher – OS 10 more launcher to make your Android phone look like iPhone.

Price: Free

If you are not satisfied with the One Launcher then, you have to download and install specifically for a specific feature of iPhone. Let’s have look at a couple of more apps.

#2: Control Center – Control OS11

With the launch of the iOS 11 at the WWDC, the control center was one of the incredible features that managed to catch every eyeball. With the help of the control center OS 11, you can completely feel like an iOS 11 on your Android phone. Well, it is one of the most useful features on users to manage thing quickly right from the single screen without manually opening the app. You can also get iOS 10 like control center with a third party app on your Android.

Control Center - Control OS11 Android AppKey Features:

  • Ditto like iOS 11 design
  • Quick settings for Wifi
  • Ringer Volume controller
  • Smart music control to play, pause, next and previous
  • Airplane Mode & Night Mode
  • Auto brightness
  • Flash light controller
  • Camera control panel
  • Calculator & Bluetooth
  • Control Center Adjust brightness
  • Support Lock screen display

Price: Free

#3: iNoty – iNotify OS 10

The iNoty app has a similar design like iOS 10 notification and status bar feature. It is a perfect combination of ilauncher, control center, and lock screen notification feature. You will get a perfect iOS 11 like feel with this app on your Android phone. Once you install the app, you will need to Turn ON iNoty notification and open notification from top to bottom dragging the screen.

iNoty - iNotify OS 10 Android AppKey Features:

  • You can easily customize your own iNoty iOS 10
  • Quick search of the top with search bar style
  • Quick launch of setting, airplane mode, wi-fi, flash light and more apps
  • Very beautiful and easy control
  • Support notification lock screen and control of OS 10

Price: Free

#4: Lock Screen IOS 10 – Phone7

Wish to make Android look like iOS 7 or iPhone 7 then, here is a Lock Screen IOS 10 – Phone7 app will give you a complete feel of the Apple’s iOS 10 on your Android phone. It includes lots HD wallpapers with blur which also makes your Android phone like iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iOS 11/10 and 9.

Lock Screen IOS 10 - Phone7 Android AppKey Features:

  • It supports multiple lock style
  • It support pin password
  • You can customize your own welcome sentence
  • It support unlock sound and vibrate
  • It allows you to set wallpaper from gallery and camera

Price: Free

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#5: iMessenger 10

iMessenger 10 is one of the highest rated apps which will give you a 100% similar experience of iMessage in iOS 10. You can easily download the iMessenger 10 APK and install it on your Android device to convert your Android Messenger into iPhone type iMessenger. You can easily send and receive SMS and monitor MMSs from your Android phone with the help of this app.

iMessenger - Messaging OS 10 Android-AppKey Features:

  • You can send messages with emotion and MMS
  • Share music, send stickers and games
  • Cool flat style design of OS 10
  • Manage all iMessage SMS conveniently with OS 10 layout
  • Send drawings and animated GIFs
  • It has lots of amazing screen effects
  • Just long press the send button and send bubble effects
  • It supports drag and drop function
  • You can express your emotions via Emojis

Price: Free

#6: I Call screen Free + Dialer

This is the perfect call screen dialer for Android phone which provides full-screen caller ID and dialer screen similar to iOS 9 in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. You can free download the app and enjoy the iPhone 6s call screen feature on your Android.

i Call screen Free + Dialer Android AppKey Features:

  • Customize theme as per your choice
  • User-friendly interface
  • It uses iOS 9 call screen theme
  • It provides international number format
  • It offers beautiful graphics like iOS 9
  • It let you change background image as per your desire
  • It supports all Android devices

Price: Free

#7: Apple Keyboard

If you want an iPhone like keyboard on an Android device, then you can install a third party app mimics iOS experience on your Android Smartphone. This is a fast, cool and beautiful keyboard for the Android phone. It’s a best smart keyboard for fast chat, text, and email from your Android smartphone with complete iPhone like feel. You can also set it as the default keyboard to type message, browse or emails.

Apple Keyboard Android AppPrice: Free

#8: GEAK Camera

GEAK Camera is an iPhone and OpenGL technology based camera app for Android phone to experience the iOS like a camera on your Android device. You can easily capture beautiful picture anywhere with its easy-to-use interface.

GEAK Camera Android AppKey Features:

  • You can add nine beautiful real time filter in the picture
  • Just capture a beautiful image and add it to your favorite moments
  • It has three type of shooting mode
  • You also add iOS filter in this app
  • You can also take picture while recording video

Price: Free

#9: Calculator – IOS Calculator

If you got tired of your default calculator on your Android phone and wish to switch to the iOS like calculator then, you can easily download the Calculator – IOS Calculator app on your Android phone to get iOS like the calculator on your Android device.

Calculator - IOS Calculator Android AppKey Features:

  • It uses Quasi-Physical design
  • This app is free and ad-free
  • It offers users to experience the products of different system platforms
  • It provides full iOS like interface on Android

Price: Free

If you like to experience the iOS 10 like the gallery on Android phone and manage your photos like iOS 10 gallery, then you can download the Photo Gallery OS 10 style iOS 10 based app on your Android device and convert your Android gallery like iPhone gallery. It will make your Android like iPhone 6s.

Photo Gallery OS 10 style Android AppKey Features:

  • Speedily convert your Android photo gallery to the iPhone 6s gallery
  • It specially design with iPhone 6s looks and design
  • Show photo detail like iOS style
  • The app is very smooth and cools like iOS 10
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • You can sort images like iOS 10
  • Move and copy-paste photo simply just like iPhone

Price: Free

With the help of these third-party apps, you can completely turn your Android phone into brand new iPhone or iOS 11, 10 and 8. Hope, now you have got the 100% iOS like feel on your Android device. If you have are still looking for any other iOS feature on your Android phone then, let us know in the comments and if you really liked the post then share your friends. Stay tuned with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus!