Locking WhatsApp on Android phones has become a dire necessity for millions of WhatsApp users worldwide. When the chat app was launched, it was used mainly for friendly chats and sharing funny contents. Over a period, this free chat client has nearly replaced the default messaging app on Android phones. Since users began to use WhatsApp to share serious and important stuff, it has become necessary for them to lock the app so that nobody can peep into what is being exchanged on the app. If you want to protect your WhatsApp chat, here is how to lock WhatsApp with Password on Android phone.

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Is there any default feature to lock WhatsApp on Android devices? Unfortunately, no. Users have to rely on third-party apps to secure their WhatsApp conversations. Instead of exploring Google Play Store, you can check this quick guide that will help you lock WhatsApp on your Android device. AppLock-Fingerprint is a useful app for users to protect their private chats and conversations. As an adult, if you are sharing some objectionable contents on WhatsApp, you can hide your messages from the innocent eyes of your kids at home. Check this tutorial, and you can conceal your WhatsApp chats on an Android phone.

How to Lock WhatsApp on Android Phone

How to Lock WhatsApp on Android Phone

Step #1. Download the AppLock-Fingerprint app from Google Play Store. Then launch the AppLock-Fingerprint app on your Android phone.

Download the AppLock-Fingerprint app, then Open it

Step #2. Next, Enter PIN with which you want to unlock the app.

Enter PIN with which you want to unlock the app

Note: If your smartphone has a fingerprint sensor and you have registered your fingerprint impression on your phone then you will be asked to enable your Fingerprint on this app too. You may tap on Yes or No as per your likings.

Step #3. Now to add WhatsApp with the safe lock simply tap on the ‘+’ icon right at the bottom of your screen.

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tap on the ‘+’ icon

Step #4. Scroll down to bottom and Switch On lock for WhatsApp. Tap again on the + icon at the bottom of your screen.

Switch On lock for WhatsApp, then tap on + icon

Step #5. If you have Android 5.0 Lollipop or above version of Android then you will get a Notification dialogue which will ask you to give permission to make the app functional. Tap on Ok to allow.

Tap on Ok to allow

Step #6. Go to the app and select Permit Usage access, to enable access to the app.

Enable access of the app

Step #7. Open your WhatsApp and it will ask you to give the PIN which you registered in Step #2.

Open your WhatsApp and it will ask you to give the PIN

This is it! Now your WhatsApp is completely free from intruders. We are sure that you must have liked this app which can keep your WhatsApp safe exclusively. We would like to get your feedback on this on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments.