Juliana is in a fix these days. One fine morning when she was doing her work on her laptop, her little brother came up and asked the password of her smartphone so that he can play his gaming stuff. Juliana was busy at that time and wanted to concentrate more on her work so she just uttered the password. Later she realized that now her password is open and hence along with many things her WhatsApp chat is also not secure. Even if Juliana changes her password which locks her mobile, there is no guarantee that she will not repeat her mistake. Juliana can only wish about a separate locking system for WhatsApp.

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There are many Android users like Juliana wishing the same regarding an exclusive lock for WhatsApp or maybe even WhatsApp comes with the idea of locking the app. Well till that solution is reached by WhatsApp it is better that we sweat and find a proper way out. That way out is an app called AppLock-Fingerprint. This app will lock your WhatsApp exclusively so next time even Juliana can remain free of any worry while giving her smartphone to her little bro to play his games.

How to Lock WhatsApp on Android Phone

How to Lock WhatsApp on Android Phone

Step #1. Download the AppLock-Fingerprint app from Google Play Store. Then launch the AppLock-Fingerprint app on your Android phone.

Download the AppLock-Fingerprint app, then Open it

Step #2. Next, Enter PIN with which you want to unlock the app.

Enter PIN with which you want to unlock the app

Note: If your smartphone has a fingerprint sensor and you have registered your fingerprint impression on your phone then you will be asked to enable your Fingerprint on this app too. You may tap on Yes or No as per your likings.

Step #3. Now to add WhatsApp with the safe lock simply tap on the ‘+’ icon right at the bottom of your screen.

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tap on the ‘+’ icon

Step #4. Scroll down to bottom and Switch On lock for WhatsApp. Tap again on the + icon at the bottom of your screen.

Switch On lock for WhatsApp, then tap on + icon

Step #5. If you have Android 5.0 Lollipop or above version of Android then you will get a Notification dialogue which will ask you to give permission to make the app functional. Tap on Ok to allow.

Tap on Ok to allow

Step #6. Go to the app and select Permit Usage access, to enable access to the app.

Enable access of the app

Step #7. Open your WhatsApp and it will ask you to give the PIN which you registered in Step #2.

Open your WhatsApp and it will ask you to give the PIN

This is it! Now your WhatsApp is completely free from intruders. We are sure that you must have liked this app which can keep your WhatsApp safe exclusively. We would like to get your feedback on this on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments.