Now, live streaming your iPhone’s screen to YouTube becomes much easier and faster with its latest update. Whether you want to live stream your best gaming experience or music concert, you can live stream with YouTube App on your iPhone without delay, and of course, you can also live stream your iPhone’s screen. Let’s find out how it works.

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YouTube has finally made its way to allows users to stream videos with just a couple seconds of latency with its new “Ultra low-latency” functions. Hence, you can make real-time interaction with viewers. Additionally, you also use iOS ReplayKit to live stream your iPhone’ screen. Well, users also can use iPhone’s front-facing camera and microphone to add commentary and reactions to their streams. You might be wondering how to live stream iPhone’s screen to YouTube. Well, the setup process is quite simple it doesn’t need any software or encoders to live stream on YouTube.
How to Live Stream your iPhone or iPad’s Screen to YouTube

How to Live Stream Your iPhone/iPad’s Screen to YouTube

First of all, I would like to tell how you can change live stream latency to ultra-low latency. Once you change live stream latency, you will be able to live stream with real-time engagement. Unluckily, this setting doesn’t support 4K resolution, DVR, and 1440p. To enable ultra-low latency mode, you just need to follow these steps:

How to Change Live Stream Latency

Step #1. Visit your YouTube Live Dashboard.

Step #2. Next up, select “STREAM OPTIONS” and then choose “Ultra low-latency” option under the “Stream optimizations” section.

Select STREAM OPTIONS and then choose Ultra low-latency optionFrom now, you can make real-time interaction with your viewer without delay. Let’s find out how to live stream iPhone’s screen to live stream your painting from Procreate, your racing game like Asphalt 8 and your guiding steps from the app on YouTube Live.

How to Live Stream iPhone’s screen to YouTube using ReplayKit Compatible app

The ReplayKit framework allows you to record video from the iPhone screen and audio from the app and microphone. Hence, YouTube will use the ReplayKit to live stream your iPhone’s screen. Well, the ReplayKit only works on iOS device running 10.2 or later version of OS.

Note: Make sure that you have at least 100 subscribers to live stream from your iPhone, and you have no live stream restriction in last the 90 days.

Currently, the feature is only compatible with ReplayKit apps.

List of iPhone/iPad Apps support YouTube Live Phone Screen Streaming

Step #1. First off, Download and install the latest version of YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad.

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Step #2. Open any ReplayKit compatible app; here I am going to live stream my favorite game Asphalt 8.

Open ReplayKit compatible Asphalt 8 app on your iPhoneStep #3. Now, Tap on Settings icon.

Tap on Settings iconStep #4. Next, you need to tap on the Live Stream icon at the top right corner.

Tap on the Live Stream icon on iPhoneStep #6. Now, you will get a pop-up and select YouTube to Live stream iPhone screen.

Select YouTube to Live stream iPhone screenStep #7. Next up, you will get a popup informing you can manage your stream later in YouTube video manager. You can also attached the video to your computer and change the privacy settings and other things too.

Step #6. Now the YouTube app will open, you will need to tap on capture button.

Note: If you will ask to allow the app to access your device camera and microphone, accept it.

Step #7. Tap on GO LIVE.

If you haven’t created any channel yet, then you will have to create one. You have to create title and set privacy setting.

You will also get some additional settings options. You have to fill up all details like add description, enable or disable live chat and more. Once you filled all details.

Next, tap on the back arrow, and then you have to select next to capture a photo of your thumbnail.

You will also get option to live stream in landscape mode; you just have to hold your phone in landscape mode.

You can also share the steam. Tap on Share and Tap on Finish to end the stream and then OK.

That’s it!

After completing live stream, the archive of the live stream will be created on your channel, and you can edit or delete the stream over there.

This is how you can live stream with your fans with real-time engagement and share your iPhone screen to YouTube.

Did you like this new YouTube feature? Is it handy for you? If you have anything regarding the same, let us know in the comments and if you really the post then do share with your friends.