Being an exciting augmented-reality game, it requires you to keep the screen on of your device to continue to play the game without any hindrance. Turning your Android device’ screen on time and again every time it is turned off can be really irritating especially when you are after Pokemons. Hence, it’s better to keep the screen awake in order to continue to enjoy the game without any inconvenience.

How to Keep the Screen ON in Pokemon Go on Android

Use Battery Saver

Pokémon Go has a Battery Saver option that cannot just keep the screen on but also prevent the game from draining the battery of your device. (To enable Battery Saver, tap on Settings from the top right corner. Then toggle on the Switch next to Battery Saver.)

It requires you to turn your phone upside down. The screen dims to almost black. Your device will vibrate when a Pokémon appears or you near a Pokéstop. However, Battery Saver is not the perfect solution as it doesn’t help if you wish to hold your screen up and check your direction.

How to Increase Screen Timeout on Android

You have the option to increase the screen timeout right from the Settings of your Android device.

Step #1. Open Settings app on your Android phone.

Step #2. Under Display (or Display and Notification on some Android devices), you will get the option to change the Screen timeout to 30 Minutes, or even Never (if there is an option.)

If Developer options are enabled, you can use Stay awake feature to keep the screen of your device on even while charging.

You can also check out some of the cool settings widgets such as, Power Toggles or HD widgets which can let you manually configure before and after gaming sessions.

Make the Most of Tasker

Tasker can be very handy in letting you spice up the gaming. Apart from keeping the screen of your device on as long as you want, it can let you add a number of settings like turning on Priority mode to limit distractions.

It can let you have even two Pokémon Go profiles that activate as per the time of day, one brightening and one dimming the screen.

Step #1. First up download and install Taskter on your device. Then launch it. In the Profiles tab, you need to tap on the New Profile button (+) from the bottom right corner

Step #2. Next, you have to choose the App. Then, scroll down and select Pokémon Go.

Step #3. Tap on the Tasker icon at the top left the corner. Now, you have to add a task to your profile. You need to add New Task.

Step #4. You need to tap the New Action button (+) in the bottom center of the screen. Title the task as desired.

Step #5. Now, you have to use the search bar to find and select Display Timeout. Make sure to increase the time for the Display Timeout as per your need.

Step #6. Once done, tap on the Tasker icon at the top left corner to go back. Done with the task, tap on the Tasker icon at the top left corner again.

That’s it!

Now, enjoy playing Pokemon Go to your heart’s liking. And, don’t forget to share your feedback about your experience as well.