Have you ever created a Facebook event or page? Then, you know how tedious it is to invite each one to come and like your creation, don’t you?

But from this moment, you are going to sit back and watch the browser itself do the invitation part, that too for all your friends no matter how many they are.

And it will save one heck of your time and help yourself from getting frustrated.

Invite All Friends on Facebook in Single Click

So, are you ready to find out how to invite all friends on Facebook to your page or event in Single click? Here you go!

Step #1. You need to download a Chrome extension here. (In case you are not a Chrome user, I will share something for you at the end of this article). The extension is named Invite All Friends on Facebook.

Download Invite All Friends on Facebook

Step #2. When you click the link give above, you will get a blue Add to Chrome button. Don’t hesitate to click on the same.

Step #3. You have to wait a few seconds to complete the download and installation. Once the process is finished, you will see a new tick-like button left to the bookmark star.

It means you are good to go with the invitation.

Step #4. Now login to Facebook and go to the page or event you created. You have to click on the invite option and open the box to choose your friends because the extension needs you to open the same.

Step #5. Once you get the invitation box, click on the tick-like button created by the extension.

Step #6. Then, you have to wait some time according to the number of your Facebook friends. The more the number, the longer the process will be.

After selecting all your friends, the extension will send invitations on its own that you can sit back and watch it functioning.

That’s all. You can do this for any event or page you create. When an invitation box pops up on your screen, this extension will work like a charm. But in the absence of such a box, you can’t be able to use it.

In case you are a Firefox user, you can download another browser add-on and act accordingly to invite all your friends.

Download Invite All (for Facebook) browser add-on for Firefox

And for Opera, you can use this extension.

Wrapping Up

I hope you know how to invite all your friends on Facebook with Single click.

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Don’t forget to share this with your friends and be ready to see a lot of invites. ????