HTC U11 is world’s first smartphone to support Amazon Alexa as HTC Alexa to use hand freely. Since the launch of the HTC U11, people have been waiting for the Amazon’s AI assistant. Lastly, the Amazon Alexa has arrived as HTC Alexa app on HTC U11 Smartphone. You can easily install and use Amazon Alexa on HTC U11 in the same manner as using Alexa in Amazon Echo, Dot, and Echo Show. Let’s find out how to use it.

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Whether you are at your home or traveling to the other the town, you can easily access Amazon Alexa on your HTC U11 with the HTC Alexa assistant. Hence, you can ask “Alexa, what movies are playing nearby” or “Alexa, what’s weather today” and the Alexa will respond you anytime at anywhere. You can ask HTC Alexa to control your home appliances. You can also set Alexa as a wake up a word and set Alexa to launch by Edge Sense. Thus, you will just need to squeeze the phone to turn on Alexa on HTC U11. As for now, the HTC Alexa app is available on Google Play Store for only US owners. If you have a new U11 and want to use Alexa on HTC U11, then here’s is simple step-by-process to get started with Amazon’s Alexa.

How to Install and Use HTC Alexa on HTC U11

First up, let me show you the process to download and install HTC Alexa on your U11. To install Alexa on your phone, you will need to be on the latest firmware 1.13.651.6 or later for the Sprint model and 1.16.617.6 or later for the U.S. unlocked model.

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How to Download and Install HTC Alexa on HTC U11 Phone

Step #1. First off, Download and install HTC Alexa App from Google Play Store on your HTC U11.

Step #2. Now, Launch the HTC Alexa app and sign in with your Amazon account.

Step #3. Next, Allow a prompt to grant location access.

Step #4. Finally, Tap Next and then Finish. Now the Alexa is ready to accept your command.

Once you have installed HTC Alexa on you U11, you can turn off voice trigger and Edge Sense trigger in the app settings. If you want to use HTC Alexa in a more convenient way then you can install Amazon Alexa app, the Alexa app allows you to configure Alexa in the same way you use on Amazon Echo.

How to Use HTC Alexa on HTC U11 Phone

Well, you can open the HTC Alexa in three different ways.

  • Launch by HTC Alexa app on your home screen.
  • Launch by Edge Sense or squeeze the HTC U11.
  • Launch by Just Say “Alexa” near your HTC U11.

With the help of Alexa commands in Amazon Alexa app, you can set your flash news briefing, manage the shopping list, do to list, listen to Amazon Music and indeed more than 15,000 Alexa skills in the Alexa Skill store to perform any action on a smartly.

If you want to use Google Assistant instead of Alexa installed on your device, then you can also use the Google’s voice assistant by long pressing on the home button.

Additionally, you can do everything on your U11 with HTC Alexa as you can do on Amazon’s smart speakers.

By adding Amazon’s Alexa in HTC U11, the device has now two virtual assistants (one Google Assistant and HTC’s own assistant Sense Companion). Hence, you have the best alternative to use the voice assistant on your U11.

Unlike Google Assistant, the HTC Alexa won’t make a phone call, send a message, open apps, play music from your playlist, or cannot able to set timer, alarm or reminder. You would love to use Alexa on your device even if you are familiar with Amazon’s Echo, Dot or Echo Show.

If you have gotten your hands with HTC Alexa app, may I know your experience? Is it better than Google Assistant? Share us your thoughts. Stay tuned for more tech tips.