HQ Trivia – The most popular live trivia game is only available on iOS devices. On this Christmas, the game hit with 730,000 players and the winning prize money increases from $2000 to $6000. That’s huge. The great thing is once you get $20, you can transfer the money to your PayPal account. Considering the popular among people, Intermedia Labs has made a promise to provide HQ Trivia for Android around 1st January 2018. But, if you are excited to play HQ Trivia on Android now, then here you will know how to install HQ Trivia on Android phone.

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HQ Trivia is the live game, it hosts two competition a day and asks a series of twelve multiple choice questions with three possible answers. Participant has to tap on the answer within 10 seconds, if the player chooses the wrong answer, then he/she will get eliminated and only allows to watch the game. Well, the official and stable release of the game will be on 1st Jan, but with the smart private beta and APK file, you can get HQ Trivia on Android. Let’s check out how to do it!

How To Get HQ Trivia for Android PhoneHow To Install and Play HQ Trivia on Android Phone

Note: HQ Trivia beta is available for only US people and an open beta for Canada. But, here’s the trick to play HQ Trivia on Android without any restriction. If you don’t want to go with this unofficial file, then you can pre-register HQ Trivia for Android, you will get alert when HQ Trivia be available for download.

Before moving to steps, go to Settings → Security → Toggle on Unknown Sources.

Step #1. Download and install HQ Trivia APK on Android phone.

Install HQ Trivia APK on Android phoneStep #2. Next, Open the app and tap on Get Started.

Open HQ Trivia App and then Tap on Get Started on AndroidStep #3. Enter your mobile number with country code and then tap on Verify Phone Number.

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Enter Mobile Number and then tap on Verify Phone Number in HQ Trivia Android AppStep #4. Now you will get the code. Enter the code and tap Continue.

Enter code and tap Continue in HQ Trivia Android AppStep #5. Now you will need to type User Name and if you have any referral code then enter it and tap the Finish button at the right corner of the app.

Type User Name and then Tap on Finish in HQ Trivia Android AppStep #6. That’s it! HQ Trivia profile is ready. Now you will see at the top the starting time of the game start. Once the game start, you will get a push notification to participate in the game. So, don’t be late.

Play HQ Trivia for Android PhoneThat’s all!

If you get the wrong answer, don’t worry! You can still keep playing with Extra Life which can earn when every new HQ Trivia user sign up with your referral code and play the game. Once you get Extra Life, it will apply automatically once per game.

Final Words

Unlike other games, there are no ads in this game. So, you can enjoy playing without any interruption. So, are you ready to win real money by playing HQ Trivia on Android? Just play this simple game and let us know how much price you have won. Just drop the comments below or give us your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.