Google has made a great effort to create an all-new boot animation on its Pixel devices. So, when you reboot your device every time, you will see four color dots bouncing one the white screen with “G” logo. It seems interesting! Don’t you think so? The great thing that you can also install Google Pixel boot animation on any Android phone. But, there is only catch, you will have to root your device.

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Just like installing Google Pixel like dialer on any Android phone, you can easily get Google Pixel boot animation on your Android phone. All you need to fulfill few pre-conditions and then follow the steps given below. Once you do this procedure, you can get the new boot animation feature of Google Pixel on your normal Android smartphone as well.

How to Install Google Pixel's New Boot Animation on Any Android Phone

How to Get Google Pixel’s Boot Animation on Any Android Phone

Minimum Requirements:

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Step #1. Download Bootanimation zip file in your SD card.

Step #2. Go to Root in Root Explorer and look for System folder and tap on it without modifying any other folder.

Step #3. Tap on Media folder and you will find file there.

Step #4. Now Rename the above-mentioned file to

Step #5. Now copy the file from your downloads and paste the new file in system/media folder.

Step #6. Click on Menu and Permission so that you will be allowed to have the permission to the bootanimation file.

Note: If you are using ES File Explorer then click on Properties.

Step #7. Now change the zip file to Read/Write/Execute as per likings.

Step #8. Finally, reboot your device and check out the new Pixel boot animation for your Android device.


This is it! You must be agreed with us that it is extremely easy to get the boot animation on any Android phone as well. Once you are having an animation booting on your phone do let us know here in comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus as well.