It is not necessary if you are an audio enthusiast or not when you hear the name Dolby Sound you automatically recognize that you are going listen to something sensational. Dolby has already made a popular presence on Android platform by developing Dolby Atmos but the problem is that this service is restricted to certain devices only.

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But if you wish to get the Dolby Atmos on your Android phone which is not listed in its preferred list, then you can use it by another way. That way is the root access on your Android phone and that is how you will install the Dolby Atmos experience on your Android phone. We are now going to show you how you can do the root access but before we do you need to make it sure that you got a rooting guide and have TWRP custom recovery installed.

How to Get Dolby Atmos on Any Android Phone

How to Install Dolby Atmos Audio on Any Android Phone

Step #1. Download the Dolby Atmos software .ZIP file

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Because your Android phone is not listed in the Dolby Atmos enabled phone you need to flash the Dolby Atmos .ZIP file on your Android device for using a custom recovery. So first download the Dolby Atmos .ZIP file and make sure it is saved on the local storage of your Android phone.

Download Dolby Atmos software .ZIP file

Step #2. Flash the .ZIP file from TWRP

If you have downloaded the Dolby Atmos on your rooted Android device now you need to boot into custom recovery so that you can flash it. Turn off your device now and press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously until the phone boots into TWRP.

Step #3. Install the TWRP

Now you can see the TWRP menu, just tap on install and browse through the local storage and then select the Dolby Atmos .ZIP file. You will see “Swipe to Confirm Flash” message on the next screen and wait till the TWRP flashes Dolby Atmos to your Android phone. When this installation is completed tap on “Reboot System” and continue.

Step #4. Enable Dolby Atmos on your Android

Once the booting is completed you can see the Dolby Atmos icon on your app drawer. Just tap on it and start enjoying it by tweaking the Dialogue enhancer, Volume Leveler, and other options.

These are the only few of the settings we have informed you about but you can do plenty of things with Dolby Atmos once it is downloaded on any Android device by following the steps given above. To get the best effect of this app plug in your headphones.

Hope you will like this idea to install the Dolby Atmos on your Android phone even if it is not compatible previously. Do let us know your views on this in comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.