Google has unveiled its latest Android Oreo update with some awe-inspiring features. We all know that it has a light material theme. But, many people admire dark theme on Android Oreo device. It becomes very easy if you have rooted your device. But, now you don’t need to root your device to install a dark theme on Android 8.0 Oreo. Thanks to Substratum theme and its Andromeda add-ons!

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With the help of Substratum and Andromeda, you can customize your Android Oreo theme in a different style. It allows you to personalize your theme without needing to root. Since the last couple of years, Google has been releasing the light theme. Thus, there has had no more option leftover for dark theme except rooting. But, you are lucky today. Installing a dark theme on Android Oreo without rooting your device is becomes stress-free at this time. Just follow up below steps to do it now.

How to Install a Dark Theme on Android Oreo without RootHow to Install a Dark Theme on Android Oreo without Root

First of all, You will need to setup Substratum theme and install Andromeda add-on on your Android phone running Android Oreo. Check here and follow the first part of the procedure to set up Substratum and Andromeda.


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How to installing a Dark Theme on Android Oreo

Step #1. Open the Substratum app and look for “Sai’s Android O Black Theme” in the list.

Step #2. Select “Sai’s Android O Black Theme” to setup page for the theme pack.

Step #3. Tap on “select to toggle all overlays.” You can also change the color by expanding the drop-down menu under “Android system” and select the color from “Better Teal”, “Rose”, or “Violet”.

Step #4. After selecting the overlays, tap on floating button with paint roller icon and select “Build & Enable”.

Step #5. Let the installation process completed and reboot your phone.

Cheers! Now you can enjoy the dark mode in Android Oreo device without rooting your device. You can also apply these steps to install a dark theme on Twitter, Messages and other apps too.

If it does not stand up on your wishes, then you can also disable it by simply selecting the overlays, Tap the paint roller icon → Tap on Disable selected → select “Build & Enable” and reboot to get completed.

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