The best thing about Android Wear Watches is its capability to swap faces. Unlike any other smartwatches which do not allow you to create custom faces or you need to have some coding capability. As far as Android Wear is concerned it comes with some of the better workarounds and they are relatively easy to follow.

Android Wear gives you endless possibilities to customize the interface and the entire look of it. Whether you have a round or a square face watch the possibility to choose colors and face options is many and they are actually waiting for you. Even if you are having an iPhone device, you can use them as well. As a matter of fact, an Android Wear provides a better wearable experience than the Apple Watch itself and it works better in many ways as well.

How to Install Android Wear Custom Faces from Various OS

Before we start to know the process, let us tell you that if you want to install the custom face on your smartphone then sideload any APK file directly to the Android Wear smartwatch. If you have already done that, then follow the steps given below.

Step #1. First download and install Developer tools on the Windows, OS X or Linux PC.

Step #2. To enable the developer mode on the Android Watch follow this: Open Settings, Tap on the About, Keep tapping on the Build Number till it shows that you are a developer.

Step #3. Now to enable or activate ADB Debugging, in the Settings menu click on the Developer Options.

Step #4. First take the APK file on the Android Watch which should be sideloaded already. Now change the file extension from .apk to .zip

Step #5. Extract the zip file and find the actual APK file. To do that find it in /res/raw.

If you haven’t exercised the above then connect your Android Watch to the computer via a USB. If you are using the Linux PC the OS X steps should be similar. All you need to do is to follow those steps and with the identity of the boot disk & terminal you need to substitute MacIntosh HD with compatible command.

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Installing on OS x

Step #1. Connect your Android Watch with the computer via a USB.

Step #2. Go to MacIntosh HD → Application → Utilities.

Step #3. Enter the actual location of the APK file you want to sidelong or just drag the APK into the window phase or use this path: ./adb install/MacIntosh/HD/Locationofapk/apk.apk

Step #4. Tap on Enter and let the adb do the remainder of the process.

How to install it with Windows

Step #1. Type cmd in search which will open up the command prompt.

Step #2. Now type down adb devices. This will let your computer sees your Android Watch. You may also see a serial no with your handset besides it.

Step #3. Add command adb install but don’t click ENTER.

Step #4. Install the APK you have already sideloading. You can even drag it to the window or you can type this path C:UsersBestUserEverlocationofapkapk.apk

Step #5. Tap on enter and let your system do the rest.

Now your Android Watch face is installed in your Android Wear handset and now you can select it by pressing and holding the watch face till it shows the screen to select from.

Hope you have liked this tutorial and will now be able to set a custom face for your Android Wear. Do share your experience with us in comments below.