In order to give my documents, design projects or presentations a boost, I use different fonts. They add great values to the documents. It’s easy to install custom fonts on Mac or Windows PC. But do you know that you can install them equally easily on your iPhone as well?

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AnyFont lets you install fonts in TrueTypeFont (.ttf), OpenTypeFont (.otf) or TrueType Collection (.ttc) format on your iPhone. You can use fonts in apps like Microsoft Office or iWork and even design apps. Don’t worry you don’t require to jailbreak your iOS device to install fonts. Let’s head over to find out!

How to Install Custom Fonts on iPad and iPhone

How to Add Custom Fonts to your iPhone or iPad without Jailbreaking

Step #1. Download and install AnyFont app from the App Store. It is available for $1.99.

Step #2. Open AnyFont on your iPhone. Tap the font file.

Step #3. Tap the Aa icon. Then, tap Install at the upper right corner.

Step #4. Tap on Next at the upper right corner.

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You should see a message telling this configuration profile will install this font. Tap Next.

Step #5. Tap Install again.

Step #6. Tap on Done to confirm.

All of your fonts are installed in Settings → General → Profiles.

How to Import Fonts into AnyFont on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. You have the option save the fonts in the cloud storage to access them easily from any device. In this test, I am going to use Dropbox.

Step #2. In Dropbox, tap on the font file. In this test, I will use Archistico_Simple.ttf.

Step #3. Tap the ellipsis at the upper right corner and choose Export.

Step #4. Select Open In on the iOS menu.

Step #5. Next, you need to tap Import with AnyFont in the list of apps.

That’s it! It will now open with your font in the list.

Now, go ahead and use AnyFont in your favorite apps like Microsoft Office, Apple’s iWork, Pages, Keynote and design apps like Pixelmator.

If these apps are already opened, make sure to close them before using the font.

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