If you already have got Android Smartwatch and wondering how you will be able to install apps in it then just read this article and you will know everything about it at the end of it. If you have already unboxed your device then connect it to your Android phone and all your device apps will be automatically installed in the Android Wear Smartwatch. Not only will that notification also start ringing on their own. If you are using Android Smartwatch with an iPhone then check your guide.

But these are only the common apps, what about those apps which are made especially for the watch? There are plenty of apps available exclusively for watch only. But you still need your smartphone to install it. Confused? Don’t be just read the following tips and you will be able to download the apps easily on your Android Smartwatch.

How to Install and Use Apps on Your Android Smartwatch

Search the Apps

You can find plenty of apps in the Google Play especially developed for the Android Smartwatch. Many of them were automatically downloaded when you wore the app. But the number of apps for Android Smartwatch keeps on growing and you can find the same from “Browse suggested apps” from the front page of the app of your smartphone.

Install the app

From the various choices available for this Android wearable on your smartphone choose the app of your likings and install it. You can choose essential watch apps by tapping on More.

Launch the app

With the new Lollipop version of the Android phone, you can easily launch the Android smartphone watch from the phone itself. The menu list is the first list that would come up when you swipe to the left before contacts. Remember most of these apps come with the voice command so that you can use then, either way, to give a command to the apps.

Watch navigation

Now you are into the app and the actions from here on in are totally dependable on the app only. But still one can use the normal Android Wear controls. You can swipe to see new cards from the app and right to dismiss it. The dots along the bottom will let you know how many cards are still ending in the current app. There will be some apps which will let you send commands to your phone or websites.

Launching from phone

If you want to use an app which is common between your smartphone and your Smartwatch then you can still launch them as normal on your Android phone. The Android Wear feature will automatically kick in whenever it is necessary. For example, if you want to launch Google Camera app on your smartphone then its remote control option will instantly appear on your Android SmartWatch.

Setting up notifications

There are some apps on your smartphone of which you don’t want to receive notifications on our Android Smartwatch. All you need to do is to tap on the Settings icon and choose “Block app notifications”. If you want to stop notification from a particular app then tap on the big plus icon and can choose that specific app. You may even like to priority notifications. To do that just go to Sound & Notifications page on the Settings option of your phone and you can do that.

Set up the default app

Whenever you speak “set an alarm” or “take a note” your Smartwatch will open whichever app is associated with that command. To change the default settings like these just open the Android Watch app on your smartphone and scroll down to Tips section and choose the relevant task and tap on More actions for the full list of such apps which can follow your voice commands.

Hope you are now able to understand on how to use the Android Wearable more efficiently than prior to reading this article. Do let us know whether this article helped you or not.