The Smartwatch has redefined the way people used to look at watches. With the ability to track your fitness, alert you about your upcoming events and become your most personal assistant, the smartwatch is supremely advanced.

I have been using Android Wear for quite some time. It has played a significant role in increasing my productivity. If you are looking to maximize the usability of your smartwatch, try out these ultra-modern Android Wear apps to rev up the productivity.

How to Increase Productivity Using Android Wear

#1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist can play a huge role in helping you complete your tasks and achieve a goal. The Android Wear app allows you to swipe through your lists and then mark items off as completed or launch them on your smartphone for more details.

You can easily share lists with your friends or colleagues. It lets you attach photos, PDFs, presentations with your lists. There are two features such as, simplicity and cross-platform strength that make Wunderlist special.

Wunderlist has a paid model for business use. The pro version has several advanced features like setting due dates, organizing content by hashtags, and making comments on one another’s to-dos. Pro, as well as business upgrades, are available for $5 per month or $50 per year.

Download Wunderlist

#2. Todoist

Todoist is the perfect asset you would want to boost your productivity with optimum convenience. It has been primed to assist you with time management, prioritization as well as motivation through its highly impressive Zen feature.

This app allows you to sort your to-dos by assigning them to a date, thereby allowing you to glance at the week or month ahead. You will get alerts on your watch about impending events. You can make Todoist the default voice action for “OK Google and easily take a note” in the Android Wear app.

Though Todoist is free, a number of innovative features require a $29 annual subscription.

Download Todoist

Make the Most of ‘OK Google’

By making the most of Google voice commands, you can get the best out of your Android wear. As for instance, simply say “OK Google, remind me to email John at 4.00 PM tomorrow” and it will immediately appear in Google Now, Inbox as well as Calendar.

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Two Funny To-Do Apps

There are two very nice apps like Habitica and EpicWin which can be very helpful in boosting your productivity.

#3. Habitica

Using Habitica, you will be able to input your Habits, your Daily goals, and your To-Do list, and then be able to create a custom avatar. Complete tasks to level up your avatar and unlock features like armor, pets, skills, and even quests.

Download Habitica

#4. EpicWin

With EpicWin, you can make the to-do list with a role-playing game spin. There are so many avatars to level-up with. Besides, there are points and rewards for successfully completing the tasks on your to-do list.

Download EpicWin

#5. Calculator for Android Wear

What about having a handy calculator app for your smartwatch? Though using a calculator on the tiny screen would be a bit difficult, it’s worth giving a shot.

“The Calculator For Android Wear” comes with a second page with advanced functions. For certain things like calculating a quick sale percentage or tip at a restaurant, it can be very useful.

Download Calculator for Android Wear

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Which one of these apps has been able to win you over? Do let us know here in the comments.