Every smartphone has its own good, bad, and ugly things. OnePlus 6 is not an exception, as it has its own share of battery life issues. The bad OnePlus 6 battery life irritates all users, and they all are looking for tips and tricks to improve OnePlus 6 battery life. You have arrived at the right place as this troubleshooting guide includes tips to improve OnePlus 6 battery life.

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OnePlus 6 has a strong 3300mAh battery, which runs for nearly 27 hours (talk time), 9 hours (web browsing) and 14 hours (video playback). Once you charge your OnePlus 6, the battery lasts approximately for 76 hours. However, the statistics do not include the number of times you unlock the phone. When we unlock OnePlus 6, the screen comes to life and this instance consumes a lot of battery. This is the reason why one should use the phone when necessary.

Tips to Improve OnePlus 6 Battery Life

How to Improve OnePlus 6 Battery Life

Before we go ahead, you need to check which OxygenOS you are using on your OnePlus 6. As far as possible, your phone should be running the latest operating system to fix minor bugs and improve phone’s performance. To check the update, open Settings ⟶ About Phone ⟶ Check for updates.

Tip #1: Reboot your phone

This is one of the easiest and simplest solutions for battery life issue on OnePlus 6. It takes a couple of seconds to perform this task on your smartphone. To reboot, press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds. Your phone will shut down automatically, and run power cycle; it will then reboot back to normal operation. Alternatively, you can press the Power button for a second and you will see two options on your phone screen: Power Off and Reboot. Tap on Reboot and wait for another few seconds.

Tip #2: Close Power Consuming Apps

Apps are everything on a smartphone, but sometimes, we overuse some apps on our OnePlus 6. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter load contents, and consequently, they eat phone battery. Here, you need to control your app usage. One of the useful features of Android P is that it sends alerts when a particular app consumes battery beyond normal consumption. You need to see these alerts to control the app usage.

At the same time, you can also check which app is consuming more battery. For this purpose, go to Settings ⟶ Battery ⟶ tap on Battery icon. This will show you the data on battery consumption by different apps.

Tip #3: Disable Ambient Display/ Lift up display

Like its competitors, Samsung and Google Pixel, OnePlus introduced Always-On screen feature. Later, the feature was removed when the phone was released, as this would burn a lot of battery. Always-On screen means your phone screen will remain active 24×7 and it will constantly use your phone’s battery. In case you are using this feature, you need to disable it, or update your phone to the latest software version from Settings ⟶ About Phone ⟶ Check for updates.

Ambient Display is another menace that eats your phone battery. When you turn on this feature, your phone screen wakes when you receive notifications. Lift up wakes the screen when you pick up your OnePlus 6 phone. Both the features will use the battery.

You need to disable both the features: Settings ⟶ Display ⟶ Turn off Ambient display and Lift up display options.

Tip #4: Check Screen Brightness & Sleep Time

In a day, we check our phone for more than 140 times to see notifications, time, weather and more. Remember, your OnePlus 6 has a huge 6.3″ AMOLED screen, which, if frequently woken, consumes battery like anything. And you do this almost every day weeks after weeks. This habit weakens your phone battery over a period. Add to this, many users forget or fail to lock the phone by tapping on power/sleep button; the phone screen remains on for a couple of seconds. If you have not set the Sleep time to a minimum, maybe your phone screen stays bright for as long as 60 seconds or more.

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You need to take two actions: adjust your phone’s screen brightness and control the sleep time.

Settings ⟶ Display ⟶ turn on Adaptive brightness.

Adaptive brightness optimizes brightness level for available light.

Right under the Adaptive brightness, you will find Sleep; tap on it and select the Sleep time to a minimum.

Tip #5: Black wallpaper

For many users, using black wallpaper is a strict no as they want their phone screen to be colorful. But black wallpaper reduces battery usage on your phone. Though it will not create a huge impact, OLED screens are effective and display black colors easily. Simply download black wallpaper on your OnePlus 6, and long press the blank space on Home screen; tap on WALLPAPERS and select the wallpaper to apply.

Tip #6: Control the usage of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Mobile Data

All the above services should be used when necessary. When you keep your phone’s Wi-fi option on and if your phone is not connected to a secure network, it will keep searching for the nearby Wi-fi network. This will consume a lot of battery. Moreover, you should make sure you use your mobile data only when you want to send an important email or message. These options should be turned off especially during the night. Bluetooth and GPS will also consume your phone battery; keep location services disabled so that apps like Google Maps or Facebook Messenger do not try to find your location.

Tip #7: Turn off feature you don’t need

As mentioned above, your phone’s screen consumes more battery when you wake up the screen. Try to limit your urge to wake up your phone’s screen. If possible, stop using Face Unlock feature on your OnePlus 6 smartphone as the feature eats more battery.

The bottom line is that you should stop using unnecessary features on your OnePlus 6. Instead of Face Unlock, you can use a faster option of the fingerprint scanner. Among other things, you can turn off gesture controls, Google Assistant ‘voice detection, and other advanced category features. Open Settings ⟶ Advanced and turn off features you don’t want to use in future.

Tip #8: Battery Saver & Gaming Modes

Battery saver reduces your device’s performance and limits vibration, location services, and most background data. Email, messaging and other apps that rely on syncing may not update unless you open them. This feature automatically turns off when your device is charging.

Settings ⟶ Battery ⟶ Battery saver ⟶ Turn on.

You can also choose ‘Turn on automatically’ option. Select either 5% or 15%; this will turn on battery saver when your phone’s battery status shows one of the two figures.

For gaming aficionados, OnePlus has added ‘Gaming DND mode’. This means, when you are playing your favorite Android games, you won’t receive any notification. You will find Gaming mode in Advanced section under the Settings in your OnePlus device. Just toggle ‘Block notification’ ON.

Tip #9: Miscellaneous solutions

Aside from above solutions, there are various tricks you can employ to improve OnePlus 6 battery life. You should keep your phone’s apps updated, do not use live wallpapers and excessive widgets on home screen, stop apps from running in the background, turn off auto brightness, uninstall useless apps, turn on airplane mode when you are in low-signal areas, use airplane mode in the night, and do not use vibrate mode.

Try to follow as many solutions as you can to save battery life of your smartphone. Your every little effort will count to improve OnePlus 6 battery life.

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