LG V30 has a decent battery of 3,300 mAh which is good enough to liven up for a whole day. Well, it also has a feature to fast and wireless charge. However, some users faced LG V30 battery drain issue. Happily, we have found some tips to increase the battery life of LG V30.

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The extensive use of data for web browsing, playing over-powering games or streaming continuously can drain a battery. Don’t panic! You can improve LG V30’s battery life with the help of handy tips. All you have to make some change in display settings, adjust the screen, uninstall battery eating apps and few more things to boost LG V30 battery life.
How to Improve LG V30 Battery Life

How to Fix LG V30 battery Drain Issue

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#1: Use Darker Wallpaper

Live wallpaper is beautiful. But, it consumes more power of your device. Hence, your device would not able to stay awake for a full day. Therefore, our first suggestion is to use darker wallpaper. The darker wallpaper eats less battery and RAM than light, white or live wallpaper. So, make sure to use dark wallpaper to get a good battery life of LG V30.

#2: Use Power Saver Mode

Nowadays, the most smartphone comes with power saving mode. And of course, LG V30 has power saving mode. Once it Turns ON, it will reduce the performance of your device and limits vibration, location service and close all background running app that consumes more power of your device. It results, your device get a great amount of battery extension. You can turn it on by heading to Settings → Battery→ Battery Saver→ Tap on “Turn battery saver on” and then select Off, Extended or Maximum.

#3: Turn off Always-on Display

As we know that always-on display feature of LG V30 is eye-catching. When you turn it on, it lights up and shows a time and notification on your device’s display even if your device is the lock. So, continually lighting up the screen may eat a few percentage of battery on your LG V30. So, if you want to improve the battery life, then disable Always-on display on LG V30. Go to Settings → Display → Always-on display and then turn the toggle off.

#4: Use LTE, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth Wisely

These days, most of the users are continually using mobile data, location service, WiFi connection and Bluetooth on their devices. Well, if you are using it for the purpose that would be good. But, if all these functions turned on without use, it will drain the battery life of your LG V30. So, while using these functions, make sure to turn it off once the job is done. It will help you to get a better battery life.

#5: Reduce Screen Resolution

The LG V30 has 6-inch 2k 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display which is gorgeous and provides higher resolution. LG also provides an option to reduce resolution and display. You can set either 720p or 1080p resolution while maintaining the 2:1 aspect ratio. So, you will get a good resolution and good battery life as well. Go to Settings → Display→ Screen Resolution and set it to 1080p.

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#6: Enable Auto-Brightness

If you have reduced the screen resolution, that’s good. But, the brightness level of your device is high then it also affects the battery life of LG V30. Well, you can manually adjust the brightness as per your preference. But, that would be annoying to manually adjust it in the different environment. So, turning on auto-brightness would be the ideal option to save battery life of LG V30. Hence, your device set the brightness level as per the environment. To turn it on, go to Settings → Display → Brightness→ tap Automatic brightness switch to turn on.

#7: Reboot your device

Well, the lot of things matter for LG V30 battery draining problems. But, sometimes rebooting or resetting may help to fix the battery draining. And of course, it is one of the simplest ways to improve battery life of any smartphone. Hence, try to reboot or reset your LG V30 device if you are facing battery draining issue.

#8: Find battery draining apps

If you have installed a number of apps on your device, then it will probably affect the battery life as well as slows down the performance of your device. So, make sure to find the battery draining apps and uninstall it from your LG V30 so that it won’t slow down the performance and the batter as well. To do that, go to Settings → General →Battery & Power saving →Battery Usage and you will see the list of all apps with battery percentage. If you see anything else instead of Android System, Screen, or Android OS at the top, then makes sure to force stop or uninstall.

#9: Lower Screen Sleep Time

Nowadays, every second person checks their device hundredth of time in a day. And most of them forget to press the lock button to turn off the screen. Hence, continues screen on may affect the battery life of your device. So, if you forget to press the power key to lock your screen, then don’t worry. You can set the sleep time at low, So, when you finish your task, your device will automatically lock the screen as per your selected time period. For that, go to Settings → Display→ Screen Timeout and choose “15 sec”.

#10: Adjust Vibration Mode

Whenever you touch your device to take a call or check time, your device uses vibration motor to vibrate your device, and it consumes a few percentage of your device’s battery. So, it would be better to lower the vibrate strength on your LG V30 so that it could affect the battery life and you will get notified when you get a call or message. In order to adjust the vibration strength, go to Settings → Sound & notification → Vibration Strength and adjust the vibration for Incoming calls, Notification, and Vibrate on tap.


#11: Disable Floating Bar

LG introduced customizable floating bar on V30 mode which allows you to access frequent using apps, contacts, and other shortcuts right from the vertical floating bar. But, it is turn on and you are not using it at all, then it will consume the battery life of your device. So, make sure to turn off the floating bar in order to get a better battery life on LG V30. To do that, Go to Settings → General→ Floating bar and switch the toggle off.

That’s all!

Along with all the aforesaid ways, you can also use some third party battery optimization app or get a good power bank or use Airplane mode when you don’t want to attend any calls or message. These all are the major things will help you to improve LG V30 battery life.

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