LG’s next flagship phone G6 has the beautiful design and various fantastic functions. Its solid 3300mAh battery capacity believed to stay awakes your device a full-day average. But, some users disappointed with the LG G6 fast battery drain issue.

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Usually, the battery draining issue occurs due to some software issue, bugs or running lots of power hungry apps. But you need to worry at all. We have met every possible solution which will help you to solve LG G6 battery drain problem. Below are all workaround solutions you should follow:

How to Fix LG G6 Battery Life ProblemsTips to Improve LG G6 Battery Life

Solution #1: Find the Apps that Drain Battery on LG G6

The first solution is the easiest way to find the culprit who is eating out your LG G6’s battery the most. Just go to Settings and then to Battery & power saving and then tap on Battery usage option. Here you will see those apps which are taking the most of your battery life. Check this list carefully, and you might find some app which is not needed much during a day’s course but is in the top five places. Do the force stop action on such apps or just reboot your smartphone to get rid of this problem.

You can certainly keep checking this for next one or two days and in the meantime, if you find some solution to keep those apps at bay then fine else consider uninstalling such apps.

Solution #2: Disable or Uninstall Bloatware on LG G6

Those apps which are pre-installed on your LG G6 or any smartphone for that matter, are called bloatware. These apps to eat your battery life, may not be in a large amount but still, they keep hurting it for sure.

So, the best solution is to stop these bloatware apps by going to Settings → Apps and check out them one by one. The best idea is to uninstall those apps if there is an option available because there is no logic on keeping those apps which you don’t need at all.

Since most of those bloatware apps don’t have to uninstall option, so the next best alternative is to tap Disable option to uninstall an app. Mind you there may be certain bloatware who are part of some app which you are using so if you find some difficulty in running those apps after this action then unable that bloatware again.

Solution #3: Turn OFF WiFi/Bluetooth If Not Required

We keep our WiFi and Bluetooth connections on just because we don’t miss any important notification even when we are busy. Both these features also keep on eating your battery slowly but surely. If you are not using Bluetooth, then turn it off.

Similarly, if you are WiFi and GPS function is turned on even if you are not using it, then it may drain the battery life of your LG G6. Hence, all you need to do is to go to Settings then Location and then tap on overflow menu on the top right corner of your screen and then tap on Scanning. Uncheck WiFi scanning and Bluetooth scanning. This may affect your phone’s ability to search your location but will certainly save your battery. And disconnect the GPS or mobile internet connection as well to save few more percentage of your battery!

Solution #4: Turn ON and Configure Battery Saver Mode

LG G6 comes with a unique battery saver mode, which enables you to keep 5% to 15% of your battery saved before you plug-in the charger. What helps this battery saver mode is that it keeps the brightness turned down and also keeps the vibrations to a bare minimum. The best part of this feature is that it doesn’t allow apps to run in the background. So all-in-all it saves plenty of your battery.

Once you put your phone to charge and the battery level surpasses the 15% (or 5% as per your choice) mark, then the battery saver mode will automatically get turned off.

Solution #5: Consider Changes in Display Settings

LG G6 got a bright display, which adds value to its stunning looks, but it is also a reason for the fair amount of battery drain. I think you must consider some changes in your smartphone’s display settings like Always-on Display, Brightness, and Screen timeout.

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Always-on display: This is a very useful feature to get valuable information, but it is one of the leading causes of battery drain. So you can save the considerably good amount of battery juice by disabling this feature.

Brightness: No matter it is LG G6 or any other Android smartphone, keeping brightness to a high level is always making your battery drain faster. I would advise adjusting your smartphone’s brightness manually always as per your requirement. You can keep it to auto-brightness allowing a small amount of battery drain.

Screen timeout: If you have set a longer screen timeout, it will eat more of your battery. Because when you hand off your device, the screen of the device will turn on for a long time. Hence, set it to a minimum around 5 seconds.

Solution #6: Keep Your Phone and Apps Updated

If your LG G6 is running on old firmware and also with an older version of apps then too, it can cause battery draining issue. So the good advice here is to keep your phone as well as all the apps updated so that they can run smoothly and ultimately contribute more towards saving battery. All you need to do is to go to Settings and then tap on ‘About phone’ to update phone software and apps as well.

Solution #6: Turn Off Automatic Updates App from Play Store

If you automatic Google Play Store update is turned on, it will use more power on your device. Thus, it will affect the battery life of your device. So, keep the automatic updates turned off to extend the battery life. To do that, Go to Settings → General → Auto-update apps option. When you tap on that option, you will get a popup on which you need to select “Do not auto-update apps” option.

The second way is to visit your Google Play Store app and tap on ‘Auto-update apps’ option and then select ‘Auto-update apps over WiFi only’ option. This will allow Google Play Store app to auto-update apps only when you are on WiFi only and thus will save your battery.

Solution #7: Setup ‘Battery Optimization’ Settings

Optimizing battery for saving it from draining are two different actions but this is what the name of the setting is, and we can’t-do much about it. Anyways to be very honest with you this is not a legitimate option to save the battery, but it is more of creating a balance between battery life and apps’ performance. So just go to Settings and then tap on Battery & power saving and tap on ‘Ignore optimizations.’

Solution #8: If you can’t Save Battery Life then Add Some Life

If none of the above solution working for you means that you are overusing your LG G6, nothing wrong with that either. But when you are overusing your smartphone and facing severe battery drain issue then the natural way to keep the juice up is to use a Quick Charge 3.0 which can at least add life to your battery and that too quickly. So if you can’t save your battery life you can add some.

This is it! We have exhausted all the options for you so that you can fix the LG G6 battery life problems with ease. We are sure that if you follow all the solutions provided above religiously, then you will find a considerable in your battery life in next couple of days only.

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