How to Hide Messages and Call Logs on Android Phone

Digital revolution has made your life easy, but do you really think that you can keep a safeguard to your privacy while using various gadgets? Your answer in all probability will be negative. Messages and other SMS apps keep the personal details of yours like bank alerts, utility bills, and many other things. These things are nothing but a collection of your financial position which you surely don’t want to share with anyone.

Along with messages, call logs to show that with whom you talk more frequently and that detail too needs an extra protection for sure. Now you can hide your SMS and call logs by using certain apps available easily on Google Play Store. These apps will help you to hide all your personal information. Just read this article and download the app which you feel is right for you.

How to Hide Messages and Call Logs on Android Phone

How to Hide Messages and Call Logs on Android Phone 

#1. Go SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro Android AppThis app has been downloaded by over 100 million users of Android. Because this app provides a vast range of customization options it is one of the most popular apps on Google Play Store. You can hide your contacts here in a private box and you can also hide your communication plans. If you are not liking the default SMS app then you should try and use this as a double benefit because its interface is just too good.

Download Go SMS Pro

#2. Private Message Box

Private Message Box  Hide SMS  Android AppPrivate Message Box app creates a secure wall and behind that you can store your messages from certain contacts in your phonebook. You can also add few numbers which you feel should remain private. When you save these details the app will automatically move the messages received from that contact to a safe folder. To read those private messages you need to use a PIN.

Download Private Message Box

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#3. Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

Private SMS & Call Hide Text Android AppThis app works on one simple thing and that is to provide a private space in the smartphone where one can store all the private details which include SMS and call logs. All you need to do is to operate this app with a PIN-based lock and it will take care of your data. What’s more is that this app won’t even appear on app drawer too. Just import those contacts to this app which are labeled as private. This app also hides and blocks those called which are not of your likings.

Download Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

#4. Shady Contacts

Shady Contacts Android AppLike any other app, we are listing here the Shady Contacts app works almost the same. What more it can offer you is that you can either use a PIN or a pattern to protect your private data. Mind you if you are using any launcher app in our Android gadget then this app will not work. The best (or the worst) part of this app is that it will delete all the data stored in it if someone else tries to open the lock by using a wrong pattern or PIN.

Download Shady Contacts

#5. Calculator

Calculator Android AppPlease don’t go by the name of this app because it is certainly not a calculator but it is an app which creates a cover under which you can hide all your text messages. When others will look at it as a calculator all you need to do is to enter ‘123+=’ passcode and you will enter a safety vault. You can even hide the call logs and private numbers along with your SMS and others will never know about it.

Download Calculator

Hope you have liked our choice of the apps which can guarantee the safety of your SMS and contacts along with call logs by hiding them. Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or over here in the comment section that which app you consider should suit your needs.