We always remain concerned about the privacy of our smartphones. When we are not around our smart gadgets, they become vulnerable despite having a lock and unlock system. So, it is advisable to hide your apps and if you don’t know how to hide apps on Android without rooting then here we are with the tutorial which will enable you to hide Android apps.

What is more exciting here is that if you are wondering that how to hide apps in Android without rooting is possible or not because rooting a smartphone is not everyone’s cup of tea. The answer for that is YES! So, let us know how to hide apps on Android.

How to Hide apps on Android without Rooting

Step #1. Download the third party app Nova Launcher Prime from Google Play Store.

Note: This is a paid app, and if we want to hide apps on Android phone, then its free version is of no use because it doesn’t hide apps.

Step #2. Launch Nova Launcher Prime on your device and go to its Settings by long pressing the home screen.

Step #3. Tap on ‘App & Widget drawers’ and then swipe to the bottom where you will see ‘Hide apps’ option tap on it.

Step #4. Now, check the box in front of the apps you want to hide one by one.

Step #5. When your selection is over tap on the ‘Back’ button to save the settings.

Step #6. Check the app drawer, and you will not see the app you selected to hide.

How to Access Hidden Apps

Now that your apps are hidden you must be thinking how you can access those apps which are hidden, should you need to do that. The first thing comes to mind while getting this solution is to repeat the process above to unhide and get access to the app, but it will be a tiresome exercise.

Don’t worry we found few solutions which will allow you to access hidden apps without unhiding them.

Solution #1: Use the Search Bar to Access a Hidden App Individually.

This trick works with ease as you just need to go to the app drawer in Nova by pulling it down and the drawer will provide you the search bar and “Recently install or updated” app menu. Just type the name of the hidden app and despite the app is hidden in the drawer you can launch it by tapping on the search result.

Solution #2: Access All Hidden Apps in Single Stroke

If you don’t want to search the hidden apps individually and want to explore them in one stroke, then also we found a solution for it. Just follow the steps given below.

Step #1. Go to Nova’s Settings menu and tap on “App & Widget drawers.”

Step #2. Scroll down till you see “Tab bar” option and toggle the switch to enable this option and it will turn to orange from gray.

Step #3. Here if you wish you can also change the Tab style from the default ‘Colorblock’ to ‘Material’ just to get cleaner and more minimal looks.

Step #4. Exit the menu and go back to the home screen. In the app drawer, a new feature is now added at the top and the tab will read ‘Apps.’ Long press this tab and a new menu will pop up with two options, ‘Show hidden apps’ and ‘edit.’

Step #5. Check the box next to ‘Show hidden apps,” and your hidden apps will be visible.

With this action you can also notice a small asterisk sign appearing next to ‘Apps,’ this marking suggests that your hidden apps are currently visible.

If you wish to hide your apps again, just repeat the process, and that should be it!

So, this is the simple procedure on how to hide Android apps without rooting and also to unhide them. We would also advise you to understand on how to remove bloatware on Android without root so that your app drawer looks more simple and user-friendly.

Tell us here in the comment section on how this tutorial helped you in hiding apps on Android without rooting.