The Periscope was Twitter’s first social media platform to create live stream video. Afterward, it followed by other platforms to go live on Facebook and Instagram. But, now with the integration of Periscope in Twitter, you can go live right from inside the Twitter app from Android and iPhone to express your feeling beyond the 140 characters without restrictions.

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Well, once you have started live streaming on Twitter, your friends and followers will instantly notify, and they can see your live videos and also send you their opinion through messages. There you can also see how many people are watching the live broadcast. So, if you want to promote anything quickly, then live streaming is the best option these days. Without any further ado, Let me show you how to go live on Twitter on Android and iPhone.

How to Go Live on Twitter on Android and iPhone

How to Go Live on Twitter from Android and iPhone

Step #1. Launch the Twitter app on your Smartphone.

Launch Twitter app on your Smartphone

Step #2. Tap on the ‘New Tweet’ button.

Tap on the New Tweet

Step #3. Now you must be seeing ‘LIVE’ button with video camera icon right? Just tap it without waiting for any further.

Tap on LIVE Video button

Step #4. Next, Tap on ‘OK, go it’.

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Tap on OK, go it

Step #5. Twitter will prompt you to write something in the given space at the top. This will help to get your Live video go viral or get more popularity. So you can write anything as per your mood but if it is attached with a certain Hashtag then it will be an advantage to you.

Twitter will prompt you to write something in the given space at the top

Step #6. Now tap on ‘GO LIVE’ button on the bottom of your smartphone in red color.

Tap on GO LIVE button

Step #7. You can tap on ‘Stop Broadcast’ button to stop Live Streaming.

Tap on Stop Broadcast button to stop Live Streaming


This is how you can go live on Twitter and share your feelings without being limited to 140 characters! Do you think it is exciting? We have already done one live session on Twitter, using the steps given above, what about you?

So, do you think Twitter’s live streaming better than Facebook and Instagram? Do share your opinion in the commenting section below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.