The major complaint on Twitter till date even by its avid users was that it allows only 140 characters to explain our feelings or our message. Well, it is obvious that somewhere there should be a line drawn to differentiate different social media platforms and hence Twitter has chosen not to allow a single character beyond the limit of 140. So, you need to be smart and fit your feelings and messages between that limit prescribed by Twitter. But Twitter was never stubborn and it kept on making changes according to popular demands.

With the integration of “Periscope”, Twitter can now let you live stream your video right from inside the app.

When you go live, your friends are instantly notified. They cannot just watch your live video but also send you message. You can check out your real-time viewers and be able to interact with them. It’s a great way to connect with your friends and followers and most importantly; put your message across. Want to go live on Twitter? Let’s dive ahead!

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How to Stream Live Video from Twitter on Android and iPhone

Step #1. Launch the Twitter app on your Smartphone.

Step #2. Tap on the ‘New Tweet’ button.

Step #3. Now you must be seeing ‘LIVE’ button with video camera icon right? Just tap it without waiting for any further.

Step #4. Next, Tap on ‘OK, go it’.

Step #5. Twitter will prompt you to write something in the given space at the top. This will help to get your Live video go viral or get more popularity. So you can write anything as per your mood but if it is attached with a certain Hashtag then it will be an advantage to you.

Step #6. Now tap on ‘GO LIVE’ button on the bottom of your smartphone in red color.

Step #7. You can tap on ‘Stop Broadcast’ button to stop Live Streaming.


This is it! Now you can share your feelings without being limited to 140 characters on Twitter! Isn’t this new development from Twitter exciting? We have already done one Live session on Twitter, using the steps given above, what about you?

We are waiting for your feedback on how you liked this new feature on Twitter and how was your experience with your live video. Do share them here in the comments section below.