Now it is official that all the major social media platforms prefer to provide Live feeds to their users. It all started on Facebook and then it was adopted only last week by Twitter as well. Probably going Live is the ultimate tool for the most of the social media users world around to express their feelings and that is why it is selling like a hot cake right now. World’s largest photo sharing app Instagram too has now jumped into the fray and recently it has started updating its app with Live streaming.

Although currently, this feature is available in the USA only, but slowly Instagram will add more countries as well. So, whether you are living in the USA or outside this is the best time to learn how to Go Live on Instagram from Android or iPhone and make your friends happy to see you live and comment about it.

How to Go Live on Instagram from Android and iPhone

Step #1. Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone.

Step #2. Now, swipe from the right side of your Instagram feed to open the camera.

Step #3. ‘Start Live Video’ button will automatically appear on your screen, tap on it to go Live!

Things to remember while you go Live on Instagram:

  • You can remain Live on Instagram up to one hour.
  • Once you go Live, your friends may get a notification. This is a useful feature because then only your live feed will get a good audience.
  • Your friends, who are currently watching you, can also comment live on your live feed and if you like a certain comment you can pin it so rest of your friends can also see it.
  • You can even turn off comments altogether if you wish to.
  • You will see ‘Live’ under the profile photos of your friends watching your live feed.
  • By tapping on ‘Top Live’ button, you will see all the live moments happening around you right now.
  • You can swipe right and left once you are having ‘Top Live’ option on to change or jump on other live feeds.


Hope you liked this tutorial on how you can go Live on Instagram from iPhone and Android. If you still have not got these updates then don’t worry, Instagram is rolling out this feature globally gradually, so just wait for your country’s turn to join this update.

So, make your Instagram livelier this newly enrolled feature. If you have already started using this feature, then give us your feedback on how it has worked for you, here in the comments section.