Samsung introduced “Always On Display” with the Galaxy S7 and continued it on S8 and Note 8. It is one of the Productive features that let you keep eyes on notifications, battery, date, and current time without unlocking your device. Well, as it looks pretty on the screen, every Android users wish to get Always On Display on their device. In this article, we are going to show you, how you can get Samsung like Always On Display on any Android phone.

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Considering those users, some developer has gotten their hands and created an app called – “Glance Plus” app for the same propose. Glance Plus app is the best always-on display app for Android devices which provide equivalent function of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S7’s always-on display feature. So, now poking device frequently to check notifications or time. If you are excited to get Samsung’s always-on display on your Android Phone, then here’s how you can do it and enjoy the always-on display enormously.

How to Get Samsung Always On Display on Any Android PhoneHow to Get Samsung Like Always on Display on Any Android Phone

Note: Before moving on to the process, make sure that your device has AMOLED display because it uses display White on a black background. You should also note that your device also requires tradition LCD Display because it uses entire panel to show the text, notifications, and more information.

Step #1. First off, Download and install Glance Plus app on your Android phone.

Install Glance Plus app on your Android phoneStep #2. Now, Open the Glance Plus App, Switch the toggle to “Allow it to modify system settings” then go back and tap on Allow to permission to use your device’s data.

Switch the toggle to Allow it to modify system settings and all app permission on Android PhoneStep #3. After accepting permission, Turn on Glance Plus via switching toggle at the top-right corner of the app. Once you turn on, the app will inform you via message “Glance Plus is on.”

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Turn on Glance Plus via switching toggle on Android PhoneStep #4. Once it on, you can customize the content that you want to use in Always-on Display. You can also change the content position with a number of different options for clock & calendar styles, display backgrounds, notifications, get battery info as well.

customize the content that you want to use in Always-on Display on Android PhoneYou can preview the change by Tapping on three-dot at the top-right corner of the app and then tap “Preview.”

Tap on three-dot and then Tap on PreviewStep #5. Once you finished the customization, just put your device somewhere and pick it up. You will be able to see the brand new Samsung’s always-on display on your Android phone. You can open the lock screen by double tap.

Samsung’s always-on display on your Android phonThat’s it!

Now your Android phone has the same function of the always-on display just like S7 and S8.

You can also give notification access to Glance app to see all notifications with Glance. For that, go to SettingsNotificationsGlance appswitch toggle to access notification through Glance app.

You can also change font family, font color, night more, adaptive brightness, screen timeout and more in the other settings of the app.

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That’s why people like the always-on display feature. So, stop being jealous and install the Glance app now on your Android phone to get the adorable always-on display feature of Samsung. Just use the app and share us your experience in the comments. Stay tuned for more technology tips and tricks.