Floating Bar is the crown feature of the latest LG V30 phone. The company has made a huge step by replacing the iconic secondary display function with the brand new floating bar. Whereas V30 holders are customizing the floating bar, you can also get it on your Android device.

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While the new floating bar function is not better than the secondary features, you can move it anywhere on the screen as per your preference. That’s impressive! Hence, it could be easy to use it with a single hand too. If you have an Android device and wish to get LG V30’s floating bar on it, then you can do it with the help of “Floating Bar LG V30” app. Follow these quick steps to get it done!

How to Get LG V30 Floating Bar on Any Android Phone

How to Get LG V30’s Floating Bar Feature on Any Android Phone

Step #1. First up, you need to download and install the Floating Bar LG V30 app from the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Install Floating Bar LG V30 app on Android phoneStep #2. Next, Open the app, here you will see four different tabs: App, Tools, Contacts, and Website. Under App section, you can add and remove the app on the floating bar.

You can see App, Tools, Contacts, and Website in floating app on AndroidStep #3. To add an app to the floating bar, tap on “+” button and select the app you want to add from the list. Similarly, you can add other four app.

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Tap on Plus button and select app you want to add from the listStep #4. Now, Turn On the switch at the top of the app next to “Floating bar”.

Turn ON the switch next to Floating barStep #4. Once you switch the toggle, Now quit the app, you will see the floating bar either right or left edge of the screen. You can drag the floating bar wherever you want on the screen. Touch the floating bar to launch it.

You will see the floating bar on Android screenFurthermore, if you want to add some other tools, favorite contacts, and most used web page, then you will have to spend some extra money.

That’s it!

It was so easy to install the floating bar on any Android device. Hope you liked the tutorial. Do share with your friend. Which shortcuts do you want to add on floating bar? Let us know it in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.