iPhone X’s “Animojis” feature is very impressive. It uses the TrueDepth camera to analyze your facial expression and mirrors into the available Animojis in the Messages app. But, it is only limited to the iPhone X users. Even newer iPhone 8 and 8 Plus don’t have this feature for now. But, if you are an Android users, then you will feel glad to know that you can also get iPhone X’s Animoji feature on your Android phone.

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You heard right! You can get the iPhone X’s Animoji like feel on your Android phone with the help of the third-party app called “Animoji for phone X +Live Emoji Face Swap Emoticon“. With this app, you can sing and talk like red and giant pandas. Well, it won’t give you a complete iPhone X like feel, but it is worth to save your $1000. Let’s find out how to use this app to get iPhone X’s Animoji on Android phone.

how to get animoji on android

How to Get iPhone X Animojis on Android Phone

Step #1. First, download and install “Animoji for phone X +Live Emoji Face Swap Emoticon” app on your Android phone.

Open App

Step #2.┬áNow, Launch the app and select the “Animoji” you want to use.

select animoji to use

Step #3. Once you have selected Animoji, you have to hold your phone straight to your face and the app will instruct you to open your mouth or blink your eyes as per the Animoji you have selected.

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hold the phone straight to your head

Step #4. Next, tap on the record button, record a shoot a clip.

start recording animoji on Android phone

Step #5. Tap on Save icon to save your clip on Phone Gallery.

save an animoji on your android phone

You can also share it with your friends by selecting different social media platform at the bottom of the screen.

share an animoji on social media

You’re done!

This is how you can create iPhone X’s Animoji like faces on Android phone and use it to share with friends on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. If you are not satisfied with the available Animojis, you can use “Emoji Maker: Personal Emotions+Animoji for phone X” an Android app to create your own new Animojis.


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