There has been a competition between iPhone and Android users for years now. Despite having competition both users always looking for unique features in each other’s phones and then try to copy them. One such great and enviable feature iOS has is the Control Center, and any Android user who already has knowledge about it feels to have it in his smartphone as well.

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The reason behind this expectation is that accessing Control Center on iOS is extremely easy compared to accessing the notification shade on Android smartphone. One needs to do plenty of things to manage your Android phone whereas on iOS it is just one swipe up to bring the Control Center to use various options and toggles. So, here we are bringing your iOS like pull up Control Center on your Android phone for smooth functioning.

How to Get iOS-like Control Center on Android Phone

Get the iOS like Control Center on Android Phone with These Smart Apps

#1. Quick Control Panel

Quick Control Panel App

Because Android allows you to mimic plenty of things you can change the entire control panel into iOS like Control Center with few apps, and first of these apps we have is the Quick Control Panel app. You just need to swipe up the app from the bottom of the screen. You can swipe up even when your smartphone is locked. The features can be customizing according to your requirements, and you can directly access the settings by just long pressing the toggle. Once you download Quick Control Panel app and start using it, you will feel the difference.

Price: Free
Download Quick Control Panel App

#2. iNoty 10

iNoty 10 App

This app is advanced than the Quick Control Panel we saw earlier. Once your enable iNoty Phone you will get the iOS 10 look-alike Control Center on your Android phone. The features in this smart app will change the status bar along with the notification in the iOS style fully. ‘Night Shift’ filters from iNoty 10 will certainly amaze you as you can change or add toggles and shortcuts as per your likings. There is also a ‘Control Smart’ feature which will give you an exact iOS like Control Center. Once you enable this feature, you will get two rows of toggles, controls, and shortcuts. You will find that both the rows have preferential app settings, so you get even easier access to the shortcuts, toggles, and controls.

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Price: Free
Download iNoty 10 App

#3. Control Panel for Smart Toggle

Control Panel for Smart Toggle App

If you wish to have a number of toggle options at your disposal, then this app will certainly become handy for you. Its interface will bring back the memories of past, but we are sure you will like the options and variety it offers. As we said it offers plenty of toggles, and along with that you will get music buttons, various shortcuts and also a great brightness slider. You can decide which part should remain touchable and which part should not. Decide various vibrations and ability to lock the screen and the background color of your panel. If you get bored about some toggles and shortcuts, need not to worry, just delete them. If you wish to have even more facilities, then you have an option to choose the paid premium upgrade.

Price: Free
Download Control Panel for Smart Toggle App

#4. Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen App

Out of all the suggested apps, this app developed by Microsoft Corporation is certainly the coolest one we found. It will certainly bring the iOS 10 like Control Center on your Android smartphone. Get plenty of choices on toggles, shortcuts and not only that you will get the brightness slider as well. Since Microsoft has developed this app, you will get some of the coolest wallpapers from Bing. Get quick access to upcoming events, music controls, notifications and also weather alerts.

Price: Free
Download Next Lock Screen App

We are sure that you must have loved these four rocking options to change the look of your Android smartphone with these iOS like Control Center. Tell us which app you downloaded and how it is working on your phone? You can give your opinion on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments section.

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