Samsung not only has the ability to give you awesome and totally involved display which helps you a lot to view the notification without losing much on your battery, but it also has some tricks up its sleeves. The best way to keep the battery running on an Android phone AMOLED display is the best option. Some of the Galaxy devices also has the Grayscale Mode. But the Grayscale mode isn’t available on every Android device hence we need to find another way.

The limitations with AMOLED panels is to save the energy by showing the black and white colors, but Grayscale Mode helps you to get more battery time from each charging. If your Android phone has the AMOLED display then still you can get the AMOLED display by getting the Monochrome app and the root access. This is how you can do.

How to get the Grayscale Mode on any Android Phone

Step #1. Download the Monochrome App

The Monochrome App developed by one Suyash Srijan and with the help of this app you can get the power of Grayscale Mode on any Android device. You can either get the app directly from the Google Play Store or you can download it from HERE.

Step #2. Grant the root access to the Monochrome app

As we mentioned above the Monochrome App will need the root access to activate the Grayscale mode. So if you don’t have a rooted device but you feel it is cool to root it then just follow the Android rooting guide. But be sure that you are aware of the risks of rooting your Android device before you root it. If your device is rooted then open the Monochrome App and you will be then asked to grant the access via a pop-up. Tap on “Grant”.

Step #3. Activate the Grayscale Mode

Once the above two procedures are done, then you need to activate the Grayscale Mode in the Monochrome App by simply toggling the switch.

What Grayscale Mode will do is that it will automatically get activated when your battery is getting low but when you put your device on charging it will be deactivated on its own.

If you have learnt the steps perfectly given in this article then you probably have activated the power saving Grayscale Mode in your AMOLED enabled Android phone. Do let us know how is the experience by commenting below.