Google stopped the Nexus series and introduced new Pixel smartphones with plenty new features. Among all, I found a new Google Pixel Launcher very attractive. It changes the entire look of the smartphone. Do you think the same? If so, then you perhaps wish to get Google Pixel Launcher on your Android Phone.

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Well, Since the Google Pixel Launcher specialty designed for Pixel phones, and only Pixel phones users can get a launcher from the Google Play Store. But, there is a way to download and install on any Android phone.

we have found a trick that we are going to share with you. With you the help of Pixel launcher APK files, you can install Google Pixel Launcher on any Android device. Just scroll down to see the full procedure!

How to Get Google Pixel Launcher on any Android Phone

How to Download and Install Google Pixel Launcher on any Android Phone

Word of Caution: As we have mentioned above that the APK files which we are going to suggest you here are not developed by Google and neither they are endorsed by Google. The results suggest that these APK files are working fine on most of the non-Google Pixel Android phones but if you find any difficulty or a problem after installing these APK files on your device then we are not liable for it. So download these APK files at your risk.

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Step #1. Download following files:

Once these files are downloaded you can see the changes in your smartphone as per below guide.

Step #2. Tap on Home screen and then go to Settings → Widgets → Wallpaper to see other updates.

Note: You will not be able to get specific widgets like the shortcuts which appear on the home screen of the launcher. This feature is exclusive for Google Pixel launcher.

Step #3. You can even check dynamic wallpapers on Google Pixel Launcher category wise. To check each category check the upper left side of your screen and check ‘Daily Wallpaper’ option.

Note: The above option will keep changing the wallpaper after every 24 hours. One thing you should note here is that this option is run by internet so in absence of the internet you will not be able to see the wallpapers.

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Hope you have followed above steps without a glitch and successfully installed Google Pixel Launcher on Android device. Do not forget to share your happiness with us in the comments on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.