Google Lens debuted this year earlier at Google I/O developer conference. The company’s CEO Sunder Pichai demonstrated the function by scanning flowers to find out what type of flowers it was, and it catches right. Everyone was quite impressed with this new software feature. Unfortunately, the function is now only up to Pixel devices. But, we are happy to tell you that you can still enable Google Lens on any non-Pixel devices.

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Google Lens is a pretty neat feature. It uses your smartphone camera via Google Assistant and scans the object via Google Photo to analyze what kind the image it is. As the feature is very fruitful, everyone like to get Google Lens on their Android devices. Luckily, there is a hack to activate this crown function on non-pixel devices. We need to tell you that the method will only work for the rooted Android device (Learn how to root the Android phone with or without PC). So, if you are interested in the Google lens, here is how to get Google lens on any Android phone.

How to Get Google Lens on Any Android PhoneEnable Google Lens in Google Photos on Non-Pixel Devices

Step #1. Once your rooted device is ready, download the Google Lens flashable ZIP file on your smartphone.

Step #2. Next, boot your device into Recovery Mode (Just do Google to know how can do it on your phone).

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Step #3. Once your device is in recovery mode, locate the Google Lens flashable ZIP file, and tap on “Install Image” button then confirm you step by Swiping right.

Step #4. Let your device to flash your file. Once it is done, tap on the “Reboot System” button at the bottom of the screen.

Step #5. Wait for a while to get your device rebooted. Once all done, launch Google Photo app and select any photo. There you will see the Google Lens icon at the bottom, tap on it and then hit the “Get Started” button.

Step #6. That’s it! Once you tap on “Get Started” button, the Google Lens is activated on your smartphone. From now, you can use Google Lens on your Android phone just by selecting and tapping the Google Lens icon to get the result.

Well, Google team is still working on Google Lens. So, the Google Lens is good at classifying the type of objects bit now accurately the object itself. Well, if you are the biggest cinema fan, then let me tell you that the Google Lens is now still not able identify the name of the movie, but it will work great if there is any text written on the image.


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Personally, I like the feature, and for sure it will work great in future. It would be pretty cool to get everything about the object by just the scanning the camera of the phone. So, do you like it too? If yes, then do not forget share you experience after using Google Lens on your Android phone. Just drop comments or leave your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.