As we all know Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world its popularity is still getting increased in many parts. People living in the UK and in the USA are crazy about this and this craze for Minecraft has now spread in Asia as well.

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A Minecraft player places and breaks blocks and also constructs structures to prevent him against nighttime monsters. Looking at the simplicity of the game it is obvious that it got to get popular among kids and young people. You can download the game on your PC and play it for free.

How to Get Premium Minecraft Game Account for Free

If Minecraft is available for free then you must be thinking why we are talking about a Premium account? Well with Premium Minecraft account you can play the game online with your friends and family members living in any part of the world. Minecraft synchronizes all the accounts and lets you play along with your loved ones. Apart from this, the Minecraft premium account holder gets automatic updates and can enjoy two modes:

  • Creative mode
  • Survival mode

Once you got an access to Minecraft premium account, all you need to do is to select the difficulty level and then start playing for hours. So are you interested to know how you too get Minecraft premium account for free? Here is the procedure.

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How to Get Premium Minecraft Game Account for Free

Step #1. If you have not downloaded the Minecraft game then first download it.

Downloaded the Minecraft game

Step #2. Download the McLeaks authenticator. Remember there are two different links available on this site, one for Windows and the other is for Mac, so select accordingly.

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Download the McLeaks authenticator

Step #3. Now extract the zip file after locating it.

Step #4. Click on EXE file and run it as administrator, A pop up will appear with two options, McLeaks and Mojang, select McLeaks.

Step #5. The Minecraft game should start downloading automatically, but if it doesn’t then select the path and double-click on Minecraft.

Step #6. Go to my leaks site and click on the “Get an account” to verify yourself as human, click on Get Account.

Click to Get an account

Step #7. Create your username and token number.

Create your username and token number

Step #8. Copy the Alt no and paste it in place of User Name and type any password of your choice.


This is it! Now you have created the premium Minecraft game account for free. Start enjoying the game now with all the premium benefits for paying absolutely nothing. Share this article with your friends and family too so they can also join you and the enjoyment can get doubled.

Once you are done with the above procedure and enjoyed the Minecraft game for a while, do give your feedback here in the comments section and also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.