The latest Apple smart gadgets have the 3D touch features and Android users always wish to have them on their smartphone whenever they see it. 3D touch feature means that you have to force press on your Android smartphone’s touch screen to reduce the number of steps to perform a particular action. If we have to give the simple example of 3D touch feature, then we can say that it works just like right click on your computer.

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As we already have said that for some unknown reasons Android is avoiding this feature but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it. Yes, there are four pre-requisites for it, and if you fulfill them, you too can have 3D touch feature on Android. So, if you are feelings excited about it then let us know the complete process to get the 3D touch feature on Android smartphone.

How to Get 3D Touch Feature on Android Phone

How to Get the 3D Touch Feature on Android Phone

As we mentioned above that, there are few pre-requisites to get this feature on your Android smartphone and here they are.

Note: The Xposed Framework is still in its initial stages so it may not work on all Android smartphones.

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Step #1. Open Xposed and go to Download section and then search for ‘force touch detector’. Once you find then, download and install it.

Step #2. Go to Modules and check the boxes for ‘Force Touch Detector’ and ‘GravityBox [LP]’.

Step #3. Reboot your phone and when your phone is rebooted, go to Force Touch Detector and click on Force Touch and then Turn the Master Switch ON.

Step #4. Tap on Threshold and you will see a screen appears with two sections. Out of the two sections, one section is ‘Tap This 5 or more times’ and ‘Force Touch Section’.

Step #5. Tap on the first section for five times as it says and then tap on the second section till a value is flashed. Enter the value in the Threshold which you got in last step.

Note: If the Max value of both the sections is same, then your Android device will not support Force Touch.

Step #6. But if the value differs and your smartphone does support the forced touch then go back to assign an action on Force Touch.

Now your phone will automatically recognize when you long press on any App icon or otherwise. This is how you can get 3D touch feature on Android which you saw on any of the latest Apple devices. If you too have started using this feature after following the steps given here then share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments section.