If you too are a Gmail user like many others and at least once in a day or in a while you need more than one emails to forward to a single or multiple contacts then you certainly wishing that Gmail introduces this feature soon. Well, you can even now do that if you wish to and that too by using two simple tricks. Sure you would love this solution and here how you can do it.

How to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail at One Go!

Step #1. Launch your Google Chrome browser on your PC and go to Multi Forward for Gmail extension in the Chrome Store.

Step #2. Click on ‘ADD TO CHROME’ to add it in your Chrome browser by clicking on ‘Add’ in a prompt message.

Step #3. Now, Open your Gmail inbox and select more than one email you wish to forward. Click on the multi-forward icon right beside the regular email options at the top.

Step #4. You will be prompted with a message ‘Please authenticate Multi-Forward Gmail extension before proceeding’, click on Sign-in.

Step #5. Next, you have to again log into your Gmail account and then click on ‘Allow’ in the permissions page.

Step #6. Once the Process Done, you will see a message saying ‘Authentication succeeded. You can now forward messages’.

Step #7. Start entering all the recipients‘ email addresses one by one and click on ‘Multi-forward’ button to start the process.

Step #8. Now you will see the process of forwarding in the next screen, wait till the process is done.

Step #9. When the process is finished you will get the message like this – ‘Multi-forward Message(s) Successfully Forwarded’.

How to Multi-Forward Your Gmail Emails Automatically

Step #1. Log in to your Gmail accountSettings.

Step #2. Now go to ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab and click on ‘Add forwarding address’.

Step #3. Add the email address you want to forward the mail. A verification code will be sent to the email address you have entered.

Step #4. Now enter the code and click on ‘Verify’.

Step #5. Enable “Forward a copy” option visible there only.

Step #6. Click on ‘creating a filter!’ option.

Step #7. Now fill in the details required like a specific email address in ‘From’ and then mention specific words used in the email you want to forward along with attachments and their size. The filter will then forward such emails matching these details automatically.

Step #8. Click on ‘create filter with this search’.

Step #9. Enable ‘Forward it to’ option and select the email address you want to forward your emails to.

Step #10. Once the above step is done, click on ‘Create Filter’.


The first trick seems to be far easy to apply and also to use than the second one. But we leave the decision to your discretion. Once you start using this trick we would like to get your feedback here in the comments section.