You must be enjoying the fastest Apple Watch apps till now. This is happening because of the all-new watchOS 3 operating system. The OS is faster than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that it is not prone to any problem. There are cases we noticed where apps get stuck even in latest Apple Watch, and it needs to force quit apps in watchOS 3 on your Apple Watch for sure.

Just like the previous versions in watchOS 3 too there is a way for the force quitting, but this time Apple is providing a different process for it. Previously this wear watch users used to do double click on the side button to implement the force quit on an app, but now the Digital Crown is involved in the process.

Here is the entire process on how you can do the force-quit apps in watchOS3 Apple Watch.

How to Force Quit Apps in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

Step #1. Open the app on your Apple Watch, which you want to force, quit.

Step #2. If the app which you want to force quit is already open but not responding then also press and hold the Dock button until the shutdown screen appears on your watch screen.

Step #3. Press the Digital Crown and the app, which is not responding, will now force quit.

Step #4.
Now re-launch the said app, and you will see that it is responding well.

Step #5. If it is still not responding then just reboot your Apple Watch by holding down the side button till the shutdown options appear on your screen and then tap on ‘Power Off’ option to reboot.

Tip: Even after the reboot the app is not responding then delete the app and reinstall it from Apple Store.

Hope this small tutorial will help you to do the force quit apps in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch. Share your views on this here in the comments section.