One of the major disadvantages of Android software updates is that it is not rolled out uniformly for all devices at the same time. If you are using Google’s Pixel or Nexus devices, you have the privilege to install the latest update first. But what about other users, who are using devices manufactured by brands like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola or others? Thankfully, there is a way to force download the latest OTA updates on Android phones.

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The OTA (over the air) updates are found as system updates on the device settings page of Android phone or tablet. From there, users can install OTA updates launched by Android. When you go for OTA updates, you ensure security and general stability of your device along with installing new features. Since this happens on a large scale, some Android users don’t receive system updates. For such users, they can force their Android phones to download latest OTA updates by clearing data for Google Services Framework.

How to Force an OTA Update on Android Phone

As mentioned above, you need to reset Google Services Framework on your Android device, and for this purpose, you need to follow the steps given below.

Step #1. Launch Settings on your Android phone or tablet.

Launch Settings on Android Phone

Step #2. Tap on Apps.

Tap on Apps in Android Settings

Step #3. Now, tap on Application list (this option may not be available in some Android devices. Since I am using OnePlus 3, it is available here).

Tap on Application List in Android Apps Settings

Step #4. Here, you need to tap on three vertical dots from the top right corner.

Tap on three vertical dots in Android Apps Settings

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Step #5. Tap on Show system apps.

Select the Show system apps in Android App Settings

Step #6. Next, scroll down the apps and tap on Google Services Framework.

Tap on Google Services Framework in Android Apps Settings

Step #7. Then tap on Storage.

Finally, tap on CLEAR DATA button.

Tap on Storage and Clear Data in Andoid

Don’t forget to restart your phone.

When your phone is restarted, open SettingsSystem update and then tap on Check for update button.

Check System update on Android Phone

If destiny smiles on you, you will find an update to download. In case, there isn’t any update, you can try above steps a few times, and it should work for you.

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