It doesn’t matter whether Google on one side upgrades its Android versions time and again and on the other side the WiFi routers and technology also gets advanced, you invariably find problems in Android’s WiFi connectivity. We have noticed that even the latest Android versions like Android 7.0 and 7.1 Nougat on which two prominent Google phones like Google Pixel and Pixel XL runs, too have WiFi problems.

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The major problems regarding WiFi on Android Nougat are, of course, the frequent disconnections along with the inability to connect with a particular WiFi network or even having extremely poor download speeds. As we always believe that where there is a problem, there is bound to be a solution for sure. For this problem too we have found some solutions. Remember, not all of these solutions may work with your smartphone, but they are worth trying.

How to Fix WiFi Problems in Android 7.0 Nougat

How to Fix WiFi Problems in Android 7.0 Nougat

Reboot Everything

This solution is the first thing comes to everyone’s mind whenever they have a problem or two with their electronic gadgets, so why can’t we try the same over here as well? Whether you are suddenly getting the frequent disconnections, slower speed or anything related to WiFi connectivity problems, just reboot both your smartphone and the wireless router. In most of the cases, this simple trick works as a sure shot. Once the reboots on both the devices are done, many Android Nougat users have seen things getting the smooth and working fine. So before going further just try this simple trick first and see whether your problem has been addressed or not.

Forget Current Networks and Reconnect

Sometimes your Android device is connected with too many networks which are known to it. This situation could also be the reason for having problems with WiFi networks as it keeps on disconnecting the poorer network and gets automatically connected to a network with a better signal strength. So the good idea is to forget all the known networks and start reconnecting them one by one as and when you are in absolute need to connect them. The best tip one can get over here is first to connect the network which has the best signal strength among the rest. To do that just go to Settings app on your Android Nougat smartphone → Tap on WiFi → Tap and hold the network you want to forget → Tap on Forget.

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Try a Different DNS

This solution works only for those WiFi connections which are running very slow or not running at all. You would know about this problem when you see web pages and apps loads the data extremely slowly. The slow speed could happen to you even when your smartphone is suggesting full signal strength. So changing DNS is a good suggestion to implement in this scenario. Here are few steps; by following them, you can change your DNS settings.

Step #1. Go to SettingsWiFi and switch on the WiFi.

Step #2. If it is a known WiFi network then forget that network as we suggested the process about it above.

Step #3. Try connecting the network again but when the popup window asks you to provide the password, tap on ‘Advanced options.’

Step #4. Select Static from the IP setting list.

Step #5. You need to use the DNS server in DNS1 and DNS2 box. For that, the recommended DNS is of Google which is, or you may also use OpenDNS which is

Step #6. Now enter your password and try to reconnect your WiFi network.

These steps should solve your slow speed problem while you are connected with WiFi network on your Android Nougat smartphone.

Resetting the Router

This action could be very painful and tedious for many as it takes plenty of efforts and things to remember. But there is a chance that your smartphone is having WiFi problems due to your WiFi router only. So note down your WiFi related settings and ISP details first and then do the process of resetting it as it is mentioned in the manual. This solution may also help you a lot to improve the speed of your WiFi connection on your Android Nougat smartphone.

Factory Reset

As always this option is the last resort to solve any problem related to a smartphone. Yes, it is one more painstaking exercise which we always like to avoid but to get benefitted from good WiFi speed we may have to do this process as well. Factory Reset will take your Nougat smartphone back to Marshmallow, and it will wipe off all your data. So, first take a backup of your entire data and then do the factory reset.

Try a Different Router

Even the Factory Reset doesn’t work then try to connect your smartphone with a different router altogether. If after connecting your device to a different router gets you a greater speed and you see no problem at all then it means that your Android device must have broken the WiFi functionality. Now you can do two things as you may not want to buy a new router. First is to wait for few weeks for your device OEM may roll out an update so that your problem is solved. The second option is to go back to Marshmallow and stay there for a while and come back to Nougat via an update to see whether your problem has been solved or not.

We believe that one these solutions should work and your WiFi connection will be smoother and faster again. Do let us know how these solutions work for you, here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.