You have found an excellent video or audio somewhere, and now you want to download the same on your Android phone. But you stumble into an error that reads, “Can’t open file” or “unsupported audio codec.” This can be irritating for any user, who is excited about watching the video or listening to the audio. A quick fix can be handy; check this tutorial to fix unsupported audio-video file error on your Android phone.

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Before you read the solutions, you may be interested in knowing why this happens on your Android phone. The codec may be new to many Android users, and therefore, a little something on this will help you understand the issue.

How to Fix Unsupported Audio Video File Error on Android

How to Fix ‘Unsupported Audio-Video Codec’ error on Android phone

What is Codec?

It’s an acronym of compressor-decompressor; as the name suggests, the codec is all about encoding and decoding data, especially the compressed data. Codecs compress data when you have to send the data, and then it decompresses data to watch or view it.

What is a Container?

A container is a file format; for example, MP3 or MP4. Containers synchronize audio and video.

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Why is video not being played?

When the codec of your video file is different from the video player of your device, you get the error message when you try to play a video file on your Android device. In simple words, your video player doesn’t support the codec.

How to Play ‘Unsupported Media Files’ on Android smartphone or tablet

Now the picture is crystal clear. Your media player doesn’t support the codec, and this is why you ‘can’t open a file,’ ‘unsupported audio codec’ or ‘unsupported video file.’ One of the best ways is to change the media player; stop using the default media player and download a new media player.

VLC Player is the most popular media player adopted by millions of Android users across the world.

VLC Player App for Android

This media player supports almost all file formats; this player can handle multiple audio tracks, subtitles, auto-rotation of the display and corrections to the aspect ratio. You can use gestures to control volume and brightness and don’t miss the widgets.

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