Snapchat is a teenage sensation, and if something goes wrong while logging in the app, users may raise the roof. Recently, Snapchat has begun to behave weirdly, and it shows ‘Snapchat Login Temporarily Failed’ error on many Android phones. Along with this message, Snapchat asks users to visit the Snapchat Support page.

The authorities at Snapchat claimed that people using rooted Android phones and tablets typically face this issue. What is inside the problem? Read this tutorial to fix “Snapchat Login Temporarily Failed” error on Android phones.

Snapchat Login Temporarily Failed

Snapchat Login Temporarily Failed Error on Android? How to Fix it

The explanation supplied by Snapchat for login fail error is a part of the entire story. There are other reasons for this message appears on Android screen while logging in Snapchat. Before you go to the solutions, Snapchat suggests you take three primary actions:

  1. Use only official Snapchat app downloaded from Google Play Store.
  2. Make sure that your phone’s clock and date are correct.
  3. You must have a valid Google Account on your Android phone/tablet.

When your Google Account verification is done, you can sync your account to your Android device manually to confirm that your Google Account is in good shape.

How to Sync and Verify Google Account on Android Phone/Tablet

Step #1. Open Settings on your Android device; you can tap on Settings from home screen or bring down notifications shade or launch app drawer and then tap on Accounts.

Go to Settings, then Tap on Account option

Step #2. Next, tap Add account.

Tap on Add Account Option

Step #3. Then you need to tap on Google; enter your Email and tap on Next. You will be asked to enter your password; type in your password and tap Next.

Choose Google and then enter your Gmail address and Password

Step #4. Here you need to tap Accept from the bottom right corner. Again tap Next from the lower right corner of your device screen.

Step #5.  Tap on payment information.

Next, tap on continue from the lower right corner and then tap on Google.

Step #6. Now, you need to tap on three vertical dots seen in the upper right corner. Finally, tap Sync now.

Tap on three dots, then go with sync now option

If you are not using valid Google Account, you may see a Sync Error message on your device screen.

In case the error message continues to flash on your Android phone, you can try some other fixes.

Connect your device to Wi-Fi network

If your phone is connected to your 3G or LTE, you should switch to Wi-fi network and then launch Snapchat. Probably, your mobile data is not good enough for the app.

Turn off/turn on Wi-fi

If you are already using Wi-fi, then turn it off and then turn back on. Alternatively, you should restart your Wi-fi router to get more speed on the network.

Reboot your Android device

This sounds a crazy solution, but it works in many cases. Many apps work better on a freshly started device.

Remove app data/cache

Apps gather a lot of cache and data when you use them extensively. You need to remove and clear app data and cache from your Android device.

Settings → Apps → Application list → Snapchat→  Storage → CLEAR DATA/CLEAR CACHE.

Uninstall/reinstall Snapchat

Maybe you are not using the latest version of Snapchat. In this case, uninstall and then reinstall the app from Google Play Store.

Wait and watch

There is a strong chance that app itself has a problem. In this case, you are helpless and have to wait until Snapchat takes any action to solve the issue. Meanwhile, you can use other social media apps like Instagram, Slingshot, Cyberdust, Yovo, etc.

That’s all friends!

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