Whether you are playing a game or watching your favorite movie, it is quite very irritating to see the Gear VR overheating message on your VR screen.

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Samsung launched smartphone supportable virtual reality device in 2015. Afterward, many of Gear VR users reported overheating issue with the VR Box. Many users complained that the Gear VR Overheating message is continuously showing while playing Gear VR Games on Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, Note 5, and even few more Gear VR supported devices.

However, there are possible ways to get rid of this issue.

In this post, you will get to know the perfect way to fix Gear VR overheating issue.

Tips to Fix Samsung Gear VR Overheating IssueHow to Fix Samsung Gear VR Overheating Issue

Fully charge your phone before using into VR

Do not use your smartphone with Gear VR while charging. The reason is when you charge your phone, and at the same time you use it with Gear VR then there are chances that phone will get warmed. And just because of that Gear VR will heat up. Using a phone with Gear VR and charging it at the same time may effect phone’s hardware system. Thus it is suggested to charge your smartphone before using it with Gear VR fully.

Put your phone into Airplane Mode

The ‘Airplane Mode’ reduce the load on the processor by shutting off every wireless connection on your phone. It also saves your phone’s battery life and improve performance as well. Unluckily, you will not be able to access any new games or video online in the airplane mode. So keep in mind these things before turn on airplane mode.

Close all applications you are not using while playing

Make sure that you are using the app on your phone that is only useful to play in Gear VR. When your device is running multiple apps at the same time, it directly effects on the processor and the battery as well. So only focus on that app which is effective to use with the VR.

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Enable “Do Not Disturb” mode

The “Do Not Disturb” mode features on Galaxy devices lets users do not get any notification pop up when whenever you get the notification on your device. It also allows you to choose calls, text and other notification you want to receive. The constant notification alert can consume more power and heat up your device, so you can Turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode on your device to get rid of Gear VR overheating.

Remove covers from your Gear VR and Phone

The cover helpful to play in bright room and sunlight, it also makes a wall on your phone and VR to release the heat which is the outcome of the running programs. So removing the cover can help to give a complete space to breathe and release heat.

Lower the screen brightness

The number of experts has suggested lowering the Gear VR brightness may work as Samsung Gear VR overheating fix. The higher brightness can consume more power of your device and also build heat. So you should adjust your screen brightness before jumping into the virtual reality world.

Use Samsung Gear VR Cooling Fan

If you have tried an above-mentioned solution, still getting the same problem. Do not worry, their number of cooling fans are available for phones and Gear VR too. You can use the cooling fan to the back side of your VR keep your device cool. Here we have a great option to get the perfect cooling fan for your Gear VR.

Asterion Gear VR Cooling Fan

Samsung Gear VR Cooling Fan

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Asterion Product USA designs the Samsung Gear VR Cooling fan. Its perfect design can easily fit into the White Samsung Gear VR Gen 3 model. The new Gear VR Gen 4 will not support this fan. It is built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with the capacity of 7 hours. The touch sensitive power button lets you activate quickly even while you are other duty.

Have you tried this method? It works or not? If you have any other alternative to fix Gear VR overheating, then you can share us using comments and social media pages.