While opening apps, especially newly downloaded apps, are you facing ‘process system isn’t responding’ error on your Android smartphone? If you are, then there is nothing to worry. This problem occurs when kernels of apps do not work the way they should, or hardware of your smartphone doesn’t respond to the order of the system.

The error is not that major like the Insufficient storage available error on Android. There are few natural solutions to fix the process system isn’t responding error on Android device, and we will check them one by one. We are sure that by using these solutions you will be able to get rid of the said error within no time at all.

How to Fix Process System Isn’t Responding Error on Android

Method #1: Restart Your Device or Uninstall App

This is the first and the most natural solution for almost every problem we face in any Smartphone device. This solution worked perfectly when your device was working fine until you got the error saying process system isn’t responding. So, restart your smartphone and get rid of the error instantly.

One more thing you can try is to uninstall and reinstall the app, which you installed last. As this problem occurs mostly with the recently installed apps. This is also a handy solution.

Method #2: Clear Cache by Hard Reset

Apart from solving the current problem, clearing cache with hard resetting helps you to get rid of most of the common problems. So, here is the process to do the hard reset.

Step #1. Turn off your Android device and then hold the power button and volume button together.

Step #2. Once the recovery mode screen launched just remove the cache and then reset the device.

Step #3. Now restart your device and then reinstall all your essential apps.

At this point, we believe that you should get rid of the error, but if you still finding the hard luck then let’s check another method.

Method #3: Unroot your Rooted Device

If your device is rooted, then you must unroot it to fix this problem. To do unroot the device follow the steps given below.

Step #1. Go to Settings and then Factory settings and tap on ‘Restore the factory settings option.’

Step #2. Tap on ‘clear cache’ and flash the Stock ROM on your smart device. You may use Odin to do this process.

Method #4: Move SD Card Apps to Internal Storage

This error may also occur if there is a problem with your SD card like the malfunction. We observed that this error occurs especially with 32GB or higher capacity SD cards, so consider a new SD Card, which has lesser storage capacity. So it is a good idea to move your SD Card apps to your smartphone’s internal memory. If your phone’s internal memory is not enough to cater more apps, then kindly change your SD card.

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After providing the last solution, we trust that you must get out of the trouble from the error saying, process system isn’t responding on your Android device.

Do let us know how you found this tutorial, here in the comments section.