The latest modern OnePlus 5 flagship comes with outstanding feature including newer dual camera setup on the back. But, since the arrival of the device, people have been complaining about the battery draining issue on OnePlus 5. In spite of 3,400 mAh battery life, the device is not able to stay wake up long for some users. Considering some complaints on OnePlus forum, we have come with the few solutions to fix OnePlus 5 battery drain problem.

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Battery draining and battery overheating on OnePlus 5 is one of the common problems. Sometimes when you have installed a number of apps and doesn’t optimize the OnePlus 5 battery settings, then it will relatively affect on your battery life as well performance. According to battery test, the OnePlus 5’s battery lost only 12% when they turn the screen up to full brightness and play a Full HD Video to 90 minutes. That’s amazing. But, there are still many people are screwed up with the battery draining on OnePlus 5. Let me show you some possible fixes for solve OnePlus 5 battery drain issue.
How to Fix OnePlus 5 Battery Draining Problem

Solutions to Fix OnePlus 5 Battery Drain Problem

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Solution #1: Turn down Automatic Brightness

The OnePlus 5 model comes with the new automatic brightness feature to automatically change the brightness level as per the atmosphere. But, sometimes it does affect the battery life of your device. Hence, our first recommendation is to turn down the automatic brightness by heading to the Settings and then turn it off. After that, manually adjust the brightness at a minimum as per your comfort ability.

Solution #2: Use Reading or Night Mode

With the Oxygen OS in Oneplus 5, the thing has gone better while reading on Amazon Kindle or browsing with the brand new Reading and Night Mode. The new Reading Mode feature allows you to read the content in gray scale or we can also say it in a black & white form just like you are reading a paper. One of the good things about this feature is that it consumes less battery life. By ignoring unusual color effects, it shows only most important content. You can use while browsing to minimize battery draining issue. Similarly, you can also use Night mode after sunset to turn the screen yellow and reduce blue lights to help you to fall asleep easily with saving more power after using the device. To enable this feature, go to Settings → Display → toggle ON and Off Reading mode under Device section.

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Solution #3: Uninstall Useless Battery Draining App

When we buy a new phone, we just started to download a number of apps even if we don’t use it in our regular life. Hence, in order to fix battery draining issue in OnePlus 5. Check out your list of the apps and filter useless app that you don’t use daily and install it. This will help you to stay awake your device longer and also improve performance on your device. It also expands your storage. To uninstall an unused app, go to Settings → Apps → and then uninstall an app.

Solution #4: Use power saving mode

For those who use the device mostly and care about the OnePlus 5 battery life, then the device has come with battery saving mode. It will help you to stay longer when you have less power on your device. Once you turn on battery saving mode on OnePlus 5, it will automatically turn on when your device comes at lower battery level. When it turns on, it won’t allow your device to launch high battery draining apps or some functions. Thus, it will help you to stay longer with your phone.

Solution #5: Turn off GPS Location, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

When you use any wireless connection, it eats more battery life of your device. Most of the time, people forget to turn it off even if they are not using it at all, it also heats up your device. Mostly, GPS location service is the only thing that people always turn on without any use, well it uses some app to use your location. But, sometimes it would be not worthy to turn ON GPS location service. Thus, before going to sleep, you should check your GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection are turn off.

Solution #6: Enable Doze Mode

Android has done a great job by adding an aggressive Doze mode to fix battery life issue when you are not using your device. Once you turn on Doze mode on your device, it doesn’t allow you other apps to run in the background. Hence, the battery life eating app running in the background will be optimized in ways that it won’t eat more battery life. To turn on Doze mode in OnePlus 5, go to Settings → battery → App Hibernation/Aggressive Doze Mode and turn on.

Solution #7: Turn off Notification Alert

Well, we all have a number of the app like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Gmail and more, all these receive notification. Hence, people don’t to miss any single message from the app. So, they always turn on the notification alert on their device. But, it also consumes more power and draining your battery life. Therefore, you can turn off these regular notifications to save battery life. If you want to turn off notification, go to Settings → tap on Notification under Device section and turn off notification for the app you don’t to be alerted.

Solution #8: Clear App Cache and Data

Clearing caches always help to run your device smoothly without using more power. When you use any app on your device, it creates a cached file on your data like username or password to the app to remember you for the next time. But, it also affects your processor as well battery life. If you have gathered a bunch of caches data, then it won’t allow you to use the app properly. Hence, if your OnePlus 5’s battery is draining continually then clear caches file by heading to Setting → App → Select App and tap of Clear Cache and Data.

Along with all above solutions, you should also check the software update, use battery management apps and more other ways to save your battery life.

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If you are struggling with any other problem with your OnePlus 5, then let me know in the comment section.