Have you experienced and error on your Android saying “Not Registered on a Network” while you either calling or texting someone? It is a common error for those Android users whose service provider is yet to be notified about the IMEI number. This is not the only reason, though if your software is not up to date then too your phone should encounter with the similar error.

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It has been noticed that this error is highly visible on Vodafone, AT&T, T-Mobile, Virgin, Airtel and Rogers and that too even after you root your device. Apart from the networks, it is more visible on most Android phones, especially Samsung. So is there any solution to this troublesome error? Yes, there is. In fact, we have found not only one but six solutions for it. So let us check them one by one.

How to Fix Not Registered on Network Error on Android Phone

How to Fix “Not Registered on Network” Error on Android Phone

Solution #1: Do it manually

First, let’s try manually. Before we do that choose your network mode as “WCDMA only” first and then restart your phone. After restarting the phone follow the following path.

Settings → Wireless and Networks → Mobile Network → Network Operator and after finishing the search select your mobile network operator.

Solution #2: Check your SIM card

Another reason for getting such error is that your SIM card may not be inserted properly, so it is always good to remove our SIM and insert it again and after trusting that it has been inserted perfectly, start your phone again.

Solution #3: Reboot your network

Try this path: Settings → Wireless and Networks → Mobile Networks and then press the power and home buttons together for 15 seconds continuously. What this will do is that your smartphone will blink and you will see a black screen and then it will automatically reboot itself.

Solution #4: Try this solution specially for Samsun Galaxy phones

This has been tried exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy phones. All you need to do is to follow the steps given below accurately. Remember if this doesn’t solve your problem try and do it again.

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Step #1. Hold the power and home button simultaneously now your phone will be switched off.

Step #2. Wait for 2 minutes and remove the battery and SIM card from the phone.

Step #3. Now, over press the power and home button simultaneously again for 10 times in a row.

Step #4. Now hold your power and home keys for 1 to 3 minutes

Step #5. Insert the SIM card and the battery in your Samsung Galaxy.

Step #6. Turn on our smartphone.

Step #7. Now a message will appear on your screen saying “Restart your Phone” – tap on it.

Remember this is not a proven trick but it worked on certain Samsung Galaxy phones.

Solution #5: Update you APN settings

Follow the path to update your APN settings by following the path below.

Wireless and Networks → Mobile Network → Access Point Names → Tap on Menu → New → Enter the required APN settings for your carrier.

For T-Mobile users enter this.

“Name: T-MobileAPN: epc.tmobile. com if you have an LTE Device, you should use: fast.tmobile. com

Proxy: <leave in=”” blank=””>
Port: <leave in=”” blank=””>
Username: <leave in=”” blank=””>
Password: <leave in=”” blank=””>
Server: <leave in=”” blank=””>
MMSC: http: //mms.msg.eng.t-mobile. com/mms/wapenc
MMS proxy: <leave in=”” blank=””>
MMS port:<leave in=”” blank=””>
MMS protocol: WAP 2.0
MCC: 310
MNC: 260
Authentication type: <not set=””>
APN type: <leave in=”” blank=””> OR Internet+MMS”

For AT&T users enter this:

“Name: AT&TAPN: wap.cingular
Proxy: <leave in=”” blank=””>
Port: <leave in=”” blank=””>
Username: wap@cingulargprs. com
Password: cingular1
Server: <leave in=”” blank=””>
MMSC: http://mmsc.cingular. com
MMS proxy: wireless.cingular. com
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
Authentication type: <leave in=”” blank=””>
APN type: default,supl,mms OR Internet
APN Protocol: Leave it on the Default one”

Solution #6: Change the SIM card

If none of the above trick works then there must be something wrong with your SIM card, so better change it. This works for most of the time.

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