Are you one of those subscribers who’s Reliance JIO SIM has been activated from the operator’s side but still not able to get any signal on your mobile? Well yes, we are sure that you already got a 4G enabled phone but yet your SIM is not working properly.

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Believe us you are not alone there are plenty of Reliance JIO subscribers around who have joined this network in all the hullabaloo of cheap call and data charges but now they have absolutely no clue on how to get those four signal towers right at the top of their mobile screen. Because we have found a large number of such subscribers from JIO we have decided to find some solutions on our own and are here to share with some of the common solutions which probably you are not aware of.

How to Fix No Network or Signal Issue on Activated Jio SIM

So now don’t get irritated just check the solutions given below one after the other and see which one will be helpful to you.

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Tips and Tricks to Fix No Network/Signal Issue on Activated Jio SIM

    1. First and the foremost tip we would like to give you is to make sure that you put your Reliance JIO SIM in the Slot No. 1 if you have a dual SIM phone. You now need to restart your phone. If you have a non-removable battery phone then you need not to restart it.
    2. If you already fixed your JIO SIM in the first slot only then you need to set your Network Type to ‘4G’ or LTE because Reliance JIO works on that technology only.
    3. If you have set your phone to Automatic Network selection mode then too you might be facing the problem, so better go to Network Settings and search the network manually. If you still can’t find the network then try selecting the other available networks option.
    4. Take a deep breath and go to Phone Settings → SIM management and deactivate the JIO SIM and then reactivate it. This might solve the problem.
    5. Another way out is to dial this code *#*#4636#*#* and then you need to turn off the radio and set the settings to LTE only for the JIO screen. Then again turn on the radio and restart your device.
    6. If you still not getting the signals then try this freaky solution and set your phone to the ‘Airplane Mode’ and set it back after few seconds.
    7. There are one more hidden settings specially made for Reliance JIO SIM which might be the reason for not getting the signals. To solve this go to Accessibility → Switch Access and toggle the option ON if it was turned OFF my a mistake. Over here you can also check whether the JioSecurity Service is ON or not. If it is OFF then do turn it OFF.
    8. If all these solutions are not working then the only conclusion is that your IMEI number is not registered. So better you march to your nearest JIO store or call the JIO customer care to register your IMEI number manually. Once your IMEI number successfully register, you may check it by dialing *#06#.

These are the best possible solutions to fix the problem of NO NETWORK or SIGNAL issue you are facing with your Reliance JIO SIM. Do let us know which solution worked for you in the comments section below or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.