iPhone may be the best smartphone on the market, but it’s not without its share of problems just like any other device. Some common issues like Bluetooth connectivity issue, battery drain, Wi-Fi problem, apps crashing and overheating have been there for quite some time. Though they are minor problems and can be fixed quickly, you have to deal with them at some point or the other.

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Is your iPhone often gets overheated? Don’t worry as it’s not a big issue and can be prevented with a few precautions. One thing I would like to make it clear, first and foremost, that overheating issue may not necessarily be due to bug and could be caused because of many other reasons like extreme temperatures and power-sucking features.

How to Fix iPhone Overheating

To help you prevent your iPhone and iPad from getting too hot, we have compiled these 13 valuable tips. Let’s dive ahead to discover them all!

13 Ways to Fix the iPhone Overheating Issue

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#1: Don’t leave your iPhone inside a parked car

Make sure not to leave your iPhone inside the parked car as the temperature may fluctuate rapidly based on the climatic conditions. iPhones are equipped to work in temperatures between 0 and 35º C.

If your smartphone is exposed to more than 35º C temperature, it may cause irreparable damage to the important parts of the device including battery.

If you use your iPhone in extremely cold condition, it may decrease the battery life of your device for a few hours. Hence, make sure to keep your smartphone in friendly temperature.

#2: Do not expose iPhone to direct sunlight

Most of us love to take our iPhone wherever we go to capture some of the finest moments. If you go out with your friend at a beach and wish to capture all the special moments there, make sure not to expose your phone to direct sunlight. It would be better to keep your phone under cover.

#3: Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi When Not in Use

It’s always recommended to turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use. Hence, disable them when you have used them.

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi When Not in Use

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#4: Don’t Charge your iPhone in Hot Areas

Never charge your iPhone in hot areas as the device will overheat. If you need to power up your smartphone, make sure to find a cool place with favorable conditions.

#5: Avoid playing big games

iPhones and iPads are the easily the best gaming devices in the world thanks mainly to their unbeatable speed and unmatched smoothness. However, if you play high-resolution games continuously for several hours, your device would get overheated. Therefore, avoid playing high-octane games for too long.

#6: Disable Background App Refresh

Even if you have closed apps, they continue to run in the background thereby draining plenty of battery. It may cause the device to overheat. Turn off this power hungry feature. Settings → General → Background App Refresh.

Disable Background App Refresh

#7: Turn off Location Services

Location Services is one of the most power hungry features in iOS. Turning it off can be helpful not just for the battery but also data of your device.

Settings → Privacy → Location Services.

Turn off Location Services

#8: Don’t Use Your iPhone When Charging

Avoid using your iPhone when it’s charging. At times, it may cause the device too hot up. It might happen when your device has a low battery.

#9: Close all the apps before putting the smartphone for charging

Before putting your iPhone for charging, make sure quit all the running apps. When your device has a low battery (below 10%), enable Airplane Mode when charging.

#10: Don’t Keep Too Many Apps Open At a Time

Some folks forget to force quit apps once they have used them. As a result, too many remain opened in the background. It causes the device to slow down and drain a lot of battery. Simply double press the Home button and swipe up all the app cards to close them up.

#11. Use Case

It’s better to use case. It will not safeguard your iPhone from being overheated due to extreme cold or hot, but also keep it secured from drops or scratch.

Check out iPhone Cases:

#12: Make sure to clean up your iPhone from time to time.

A lot of junk files continue to pile up in the background. The documents and data of apps, a cache of the websites you visit can become rather problematic if don’t clean them up frequently. You can easily clear the history of websites you visit in Safari (Settings>Safari). To clear the documents and data of apps, delete them and reinstall them again. Make sure to back them up if you don’t want to lose their data.

Don’t keep unnecessary messages, attachments, photos, and videos on your device. If you don’t need them, it’s better to get rid of them.

#13: What to do when iPhone gets extremely hot?

If your device gets extremely hot, remove the case and put it in cool temperature. Place it in front of a fan, AC vents in a car, stuff it in a refrigerator for 2 minutes.

Once your device cools down, put a slim case on it and keep it in friendly temperatures.

That’s all!

Assuming these tips will help you in keeping your iPhone always cool. It would be nice to have feedback in the comments.

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