When Google announced their all new smartphones Google Pixel and Pixel XL one of its selling features was the longer battery life. At that time Google claimed that the batteries of both new Google phones will last for 7 hours at least. But there is some news that people are facing longevity issues with Google Pixel and Pixel XL batteries. So here we are with a tutorial on how to fix Google and Pixel XL battery life issue.

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If you find your Google phone battery is not making up to the mark execution which was expected then here are some helpful tips which will ensure a considerable addition in your smartphone’s battery life. It is learned that Pixel uses the battery saving function named ‘Doze’ so all your apps and the system goes into a low-power state once the phone is not in use. This function helps saving battery when the phone is not in use. But still, there are some apps manage to escape from it and keep your system awake which is not needed.

How to Fix Google Pixel and Pixel XL Battery Life Issue

How to Fix Google Pixel and Pixel XL Battery Life Issue

To check which app is eating out more battery you can go to Settings and tap on Battery and look at the list of apps under ‘Use since the last charge.’ You probably will see many apps on there but there are few apps which are visible there and you seldom use them. These are the apps which eat out your battery even if they are not used often. So this is the basic you should do before you apply any of the tips we are giving now.

Battery Optimization

Normally the Doze feature in your Pixel phone will identify the usage of your regular apps and optimize the battery use automatically. But if it is not working as per the expectations then the battery optimization can be a big help. To activate it or check it whether it is operative or not follow the path given below on your Pixel phone.

Go to Settings → Tap on Battery → Tap on Menu → Tap on Battery optimization

Normally when you install an app on any of the Google Pixel phone, the optimization starts at that very moment. But still, there are few apps which can’t be optimized like that. You will see those apps in the ‘Not optimized list’. You can always tap on those apps to switch them to optimize. You can even see full apps list. For that, you need to tap on the top bar and check for ‘All app’. On tapping that option you will find the whole range of apps which you can Optimize or de-optimize as per your wish. Hence the battery optimization is an added advantage to save your phone’s battery life.

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Battery Saver Mode

This feature may not be that effective as it sounds. You can pull down the notification shade and after tapping on the battery icon you will see ‘Battery saver’ option with a toggle switch. Just toggle it to ON and it will start saving your battery. What it does is to allow minimum vibration, minimum location services, and a reduced background. This feature can save your Pixel phone’s battery between 5 to 15 percent. So if you are fine with this then you can certainly go ahead with it. Don’t expect a huge battery saving from this feature.

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Uninstall Apps You Don’t Use

This tip can certainly help you to increase battery life but the advice is to do it when you purchase the Google Pixel phone. The advice is not to install every popular app you have heard of when you buy any of these Pixel phones just because it has a huge storage capacity. Just install only apps which you feel are useful to you in your day to day life. But if you have already downloaded many apps because you are reading this article now, then it is good if you uninstall those apps which you have not used for at least two weeks. Just take time out from your busy schedule and go through the entire app list on your phone and start uninstalling apps which you feel you can live without. This can boost your phone’s battery life big time.

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Keep a power bank with you

This is not to help to increase your phone’s battery life but it will keep your phone working always. If you are expecting a long day or a weekend and worried about fast draining battery then keep a good power bank made for Google Pixel and Pixel XL. This will keep juice in your phone’s battery and you can feel relieved. But mind you this is the last resort and it is better if you use any of the tips given above rather than finding an easy way out like this.


Thing is that whether Pixel phones come with longer battery life or not, the longevity of your battery depends on your usage. So if you give your phone some space and rest, it will certainly help you to get a longer battery life. Hope you now know how to fix Google Pixel and Pixel XL battery life issue. Do let us know which of the above tip worked for you either here in the comments or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.