Not every smartphone is perfect. Some minor flaws are always there and the latest addition to the Samsung family, Galaxy S9 Plus is no different. The replacement of the fingerprint scanner in it though was a well-appreciated move; users are now encountering some glitches in its functionality. They are in need of a fix for “Fingerprint sensor has stopped working” error message, which keeps flashing on their Galaxy S9 Plus screen repeatedly. Thankfully, Samsung has considered this issue and reveals its probably the new fingerprint gestures that the Galaxy S9 has introduced causing the inconvenience.

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Whatever the issue may be, we have found the three possible fixes that will end your fingerprint scanning issue on your Galaxy S9 Plus once and forever. Give the below-mentioned solutions a try and let us know.

How to Fix Fingerprint Sensor Not Working Issue on Galaxy S9 Plus

How to Fix Galaxy S9 Plus Fingerprint Scanner Not Working Issue

Solution #1: Reset Your Fingerprint

For almost all errors on your smartphone, the first and the foremost fix is to reset it.

Step #1. Open the Settings app on your Galaxy phone

Step #2. Head over to the ‘Lock screen & Security’ option.

Step #3. Delete all your old fingerprints from the system.

Step #4. Now, Reboot your phone by pressing and holding the Power button to select Restart.

Step #5. After reboot your phone, head over to SettingsLock screen & SecuritySet up fingerprints again.

Step #6. Now, check directly whether the newly added fingerprints work in unlocking the Galaxy S9 or not

Step #7. Open the Dialer app on your device and enter *#0*#, which will take you to the service menu.

Step #8. Head over to SensorsFingerprint and then tap on Normal.

Step #9. Reboot your device once you see the Pass message show up

This solution almost fixes the Galaxy S9+ fingerprint sensor issue, however, if it persists, head on to the next solution.

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Solution #2: Disable Fingerprint Gestures

To ease the use of phone and inspired by Google and other Android OEMs, Samsung introduced gestures for the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S9. To find out whether this feature is the culprit;

Step #1. Go to the Settings app → Select the ‘Advanced features’ in the settings menu.

Step #2. Scroll and find ‘Finger sensor gestures’ to disable it.

Step #3. Reboot your phone by pressing down and holding the Power button and check to see if the issue has been resolved.

If this solution fails to solve the issue again, head back to the same menu and enable the gesture again and try the final fix mentioned below.

Solution #3: Traditional Fingerprint Setup

This solution may appear like a piece of cake, but may even work for some. During the fingerprint setup, Samsung asks you to swipe your finger rather than its earlier method of tapping it on the sensor a number of times, to make the process of fingerprint recognition faster. Maybe this is causing an issue and hence try resetting it again by the following method:

Step #1. Follow the steps from 1 to 2 as mentioned in our Solution #1.

Step #2. Reset your fingerprints without using the swiping motion, which you can set up by following the steps mentioned in ‘How to Set Up the Fingerprint Sensor on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.’

Note: Make sure to curve your finger over the sensor multiple times so that it is registered from all angles.

In none of the above fixes help, wait for Samsung to update its software to get rid of this bug forever.

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That’s all. These were the three easy and quick solutions that you can give a try to solve the fingerprint error on your Galaxy S9 Plus. Tell us which among them worked for you in the comment section below or on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.