When you upgrade your PC or laptop to either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and using a WiFi or a cable connection for accessing the Internet, you might experience ‘Error 651’. This error mostly prevents you from using the internet the way you are supposed to use. This error doesn’t relate with your router or internet service provider it is a registry issue and you have to deal it differently.

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It is essential that you clear this Error 651 at the earliest as it relates to your internet connection and without doing it you will not be able to access at all. Don’t worry the troubleshoot for clearing this error is very common and relatively easy. All you need to do is to follow one of the methods we are advising for you here and believe us; it will take only few minutes.

How to Fix Error 651 in Windows 10 PC

How to Fix Error 651 in Windows 10 or Windows 8.1: 3 Methods Explained

Option #1: Safe Mode

Step #1. Restart your PC or laptop with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and log into Safe Mode.

Step #2. When the Safe Mode is on, press and hold the Windows and R button simultaneously.

Step #3. Now a Run window will appear and on the Run window write MSCONFIG command press ENTER.

Step #4. Another window will appear now, and you need to click on the ‘Boot’ tab on the upper side of window.

Step #5. Under ‘Boot Options’ click on ‘Safe boot’.

Step #6. Under the options, section check the box next to ‘Network’.

Step #7. Restart (Reboot) your PC and check whether you have got rid of Error 651 or not.

Method #2: Via Run Window

Step #1. Press and hold the Windows and R buttons simultaneously.

Step #2. A pop-up window will appear. Write MSCONFIG and hit ENTER.

Step #3. Click on Boot tab and uncheck the box next to Safe Mode.

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Step #4. Click on General tab and in the features go to Selective Startup section.

Step #5. Uncheck the features to clear the sections.

Step #6. Click on Services and click on ‘Disable all’ button.

Step #7. Click on Startup tab and disable all the items you see on that list.

Step #8. Restart (Reboot) your PC.

Step #9. Once the PC restarts follow the Step #1 again.

Step #10. Click on Hide all Microsoft services feature and click on OK.

Step #11. Restart your PC for one more time.

Step #12. Now check whether you are still facing Error 651 or not. If you still have not got rid of Error 651, then go back to MSCONFIG window and click on General tab.

Step #13. Click on Normal Startup and restart your PC.

Method #3: Via Desktop

Step #1. Go to your Desktop and click on My Computer to open.

Step #2. Double-click on ‘C:/’ and then double click on Windows folder.

Step #3. Find ‘System 32’ folder and open it.

Step #4. First, click on Drivers folder under the ‘System 32’ folder and search for ‘rasppoe.sys’ file.

Step #5. Rename the ‘rasppoe.sys’ file to ‘rasppoe.sys_backup’ so that you can still have that file with you once this problem is solved.

Step #6. Now download ‘rasppoe.sys’ in the same folder from the internet and copy it the way we have mentioned in Step #4.

Step #7. Restart (Reboot) your PC and see whether you have got rid of Error 651 or not.

Note: If you want to put the old ‘rasppoe.sys’ file again then delete the one we have downloaded or rename the file which we have done in Step #5.

Windows 10 is fun and extremely enchanting when you use it. You get great features like enabling Dark Theme, and you can easily get the best data recovery software for Windows 10, so you don’t need to worry about lost data. So, no error like Error 651 should stop using you Windows 10 at its full strength.

Hope one of the methods given here has solved Error 651 in your Windows 10 enabled PC. Share your experience in the comments section here or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.