The battery is the life of any smart device and the faster battery drain problem with any device is like us losing the breath within no time. We noticed that the Android 7.0 Nougat phones do face battery drain problems, but there are ways to fix them. Over here we are going to discuss on fixing Android Wear 2.0 battery drain problems which are the need of the hour.

In one of the reviews, I read of LG Watch Style which is one of the top sellers of Android Wear 2.0; the reviewer mentioned that he wants to throw this smartwatch against a wall just because of its battery life. So, imagine how big the battery drain problem is with Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches.

Just like there is a solution to each and every issue we found some basic solutions to minimize this particular problem and we feel that as a user of Android Wear 2.0 you should also know about them. So, let us check these solutions one after the other.

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Fix the Android Wear 2.0 Battery Drain Problem with These Sure Solutions

Down the Brightness

Just like any smartphone high brightness also cause problems to the battery, and it is always advisable to keep the brightness at working ground. If you have a habit to keep the brightness level at 5 (6 in some Android Wear watches), then why don’t you come down to a level or two? This will only help your battery to run few more hours.

Always-On is Not Good

Keeping Always-On feature on looks cool, but it is not required at all. ‘Always-On‘ means that you can check everything without twisting our wrist, but unfortunately, it costs you battery drain. So to get more out of your Android Wear 2.0, you need to off this feature by going to the settings menu, and it is one of the first options you will see there. Yes, you will see the black face of your smartwatch, but anything to save the battery, right?

Fewer Notifications is Better

Getting notified for each app is the good thing, but do you need notifications for all the apps you use in your smartwatch? Probably not. The notification sounds are irritating sometimes, and they also eat your watch’s battery. So what we advise here is to allow only those apps to give you notifications which you feel are more important. Block or stop notifications from all and sundry apps, and that will help your battery to live that extra mile more.

Off Tilting to Wake Feature

This feature means that the display is not always on, but it will wake up only when you tilt your wrist in a particular manner. In a way, this is a great feature as you can be aware of things on your screen when you tilt your wrist. But you have no control over your gestures, and sometimes without your knowledge, you naturally tilt your wrist in such a way that your screen wakes up. This can happen much time throughout the day, and thus you need to off this feature to give your smartwatch’s battery more life.

Be Smart with Settings

When you are in a meeting or in a get to gather, you may not need your Android Wear 2.0 working all the time. If you wish to save a big lot of your smartwatch’s juice, then you can turn the Priority Mode ON which means that you will receive notifications only through whitelisted notifications. In other words, there will be no notification from email, text or Twitter and an even alarm will be off. Turn the Theatre Mode on when you are at a movie or performance. You can even enable Airplane Mode, so your watch will remain nothing but near dead.

These are the best solutions one can offer to keep the juice of your Android Wear 2.0 battery. Try these solutions and let us know which one worked for you. You may drop your feedback here in the comments box.