Android doesn’t run into a lot of errors now and then; but when it does, it’s surely annoying. One of such examples is the error that says “ has stopped.” The error is not that critical, but annoying and that is because it pops up every few seconds, making your Android device next to inoperable.

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One of the most common reasons for this errors is because you have messed up with some or the other Android’s system files. In case that is not the reason, and you are facing this error message then let me assure you, you have reached the right place for its solution. We have listed down the working fix for this error. Just follow the guide below, and you will surely be able to operate your Android device like before.

How to Fix has stopped incredibly annoying error on AndroidHow to Fix has stopped error message on Android

Step #1. First of all, we will cut down the connection between your device and Google, in simple words, we will stop Google Sync process. To do so, go to Settings → Accounts → Google → and uncheck all the options.

Go to Google Account

Uncheck the all Google Sync optionsPlease note that depending on the manufacturer, the navigation will be slightly different. But you are smart and will surely get things done.

Step #2. Next, you’ll need to do Disable and Clear Media Storage Data. To get that done, go to Settings → Apps → All Apps → and tap on Media Storage.

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Go to Apps and then Tap on Media StorageStep #3. Now under that, tap on “Clear data” and then tap on “Disable.”
Tap on Clear Data and then Disable Media StorageStep #4. As the error is related to Media, we will also disable and clear data of Download Manager. For that, go to Settings → Apps → All Apps → and tap on Download Manager.

Go to Apps and then Tap on Download managerStep #5. Same as we did in Step 3, tap on “Clear data” and then tap on “Disable.”

Tap on Clear Data and then Disable Download ManagerStep #6. Turn off your device for a while and let it take a power nap of two to three minutes. Now turn ON your device, you’ll not see any error.

You can now navigate to all the services one-by-one and enable it in the same way we disabled it.

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